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Cedrick Dort Jr. talks with ASOB about commitment to UK

Cedrick Dort Jr. talks with A Sea of Blue about his commitment to the Wildcats.

By the time you are reading this, Cedrick Dort Jr. will have made the biggest decision of his young life. The fan bases of seven schools will experience some sorrow, while one fan base will rejoice a great addition to their program. Whichever side you are on, remember this is a young man who is only trying to follow his dream.

On August 1st, I was able to interview Dort. He revealed that the Kentucky Wildcats would be gaining his pledge, which he has since announced for himself:

Let's see how many follows he can get!


Me: WIf I am not mistaken, you are very close to making a college decision. May I ask what factors you have given the most consideration too, in making such a big decision?

Dort: Coaching Staff... Home away from home feeling... play as freshmen...and education

Me: Who made your final list?

Dort: Kentucky, Iowa state, USF, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Rutgers, Wake Forest. I am picking UK. Kentucky has all I need to be great...Facilities, coaching staff, and most importantly, Mark Stoops.

Me: Has the rapid ascent of Kentucky's DBs, such as (Chris) Westry and (Derrick) Baity, left a solid impression as well?

Dort: Yessir!

Me: You mentioned UK's facilities. That's truly been a hot topic lately. What other schools have you visited? Did any of their facilities compare to UK's new ones?

HELL NO! Excuse my language.

Me: That's understandable. Are there any people you would like to take this opportunity to thank for helping you get here?

Dort: My Coaching staff at Dwyer,  My Florida Fire family as in my 7v7 team, my coaching staff, Coach Stanford Samuels, my family and friends.

Me: Favorite NFL or college player?

Dort: Patrick Peterson and Jalen Tabor

Me: Favorite artist/band?

Dort: Favorite artist I'll say Lil Durk

Me: Favorite Hobby (not football)?

Dort: Basketball and shoes

Me: Then my next question is obvious... What kicks are you wearing now?

Dort: Jordans

Me: Now for the most important question of the interview. Are you ready? Beyoncé or Rhianna?

Dort: Rihanna

Me: Thank you and I appreciate your time!

Dort: Thank you


I hope everyone enjoys that interview. I wish this young man the best of luck. I suggest everyone show him some love on Twitter.