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Weekend 4 questions and open thread

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Get ready for the weekend with four questions and open discussion.

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Ah, yes. The weekend has finally arrived. Celebrate it by kicking back, answering our four questions and discussing whatever you feel like discussing here in these comments. Just remember to try to keep it clean.

  1. So it has been announced that Jared Lorenzen and Jim Weber are doing a weekly college football podcast together, which is sure to be entertaining. With that in mind, what is your favorite radio/podcast sports show?
  2. Justin Hodges wrote a nice article on the top targets for Coach Cal in 2017, which you can read here. Who’s your No. 1 target for Kentucky in the class of ‘17?
  3. The Ryan Lochte scandal has been rather odd. From his alleged robbery that apparently never actually happened, to him and his teammates busting down a bathroom door and then offering to pay for it, to the group being chased by police and Lochte escaping on a plane. If you haven’t heard it all, you can read more here. What is your take on the Lochte situation?
  4. We’ll make the last one easy, and I have to ask this, who are you taking in a game of one-on-one between DeMarcus Cousins and Britney Griner?

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!