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Wildcat quickies: Usain Bolt edition

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Usain Bolt takes gold for the third straight time in the 200m, the Ryan Lochte scandal continues and more.

Olympics: Track and Field-Evening Session James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning BBN, these are your Friday morning quickies. Here's to the weekend! All eyes were on Usain Bolt yesterday in Rio, as the Jamaican sprinter went for gold in the 200m, the gold medal that would become the 2nd of his 2016 games, and his 8th gold in his Olympic career. It was also his third straight 200m gold medal, as he's had a stronghold on the top spot in that race for quite some time now.

What was shocking was that Bolt really wasn't satisfied with the gold medal, as he had hoped and planned to break his own world record. Bolt finished with a time of 19.78 seconds, .59 seconds short of the record he holds.

"I'm always happy for the win," Bolt said, "but I wanted a faster time."

Bolt will go for his 3rd medal in these Olympics on Friday when the 4x100m competitions begin.

Tweet of the day

LeBron and Bolt using the same celebration dance is a new level of greatness.

Your quickies

Kentucky’s women’s team has a tough non-conference schedule. The team is thin, so they aren’t doing themselves any favors with this non-conference schedule.

UK offensive tackles respond to criticism. Offensive line coach John Schlarman was not satisfied with his position’s work in the scrimmage, and they’re well aware of it.

ESPN ranks Kentucky’s offensive line 10th in the SEC. The article says the Cats could be in for a "significant improvement" this season.

ESPN ranks every week of the season for the SEC by intriguing matchups. The Cats are mentioned in Week 5, which ranks 10th.

Olympic quickies

The latest on Ryan Lochte. LochteGate has been weird; he was allegedly robbed, then it turned out he made that up. He fought armed cops, he and some other swimmers broke down a bathroom door, and then paid for it before Lochte escaped to America and left his teammates behind to be arrested.

US women are into the 4x100m final after re-running the race alone. The team was disqualified after dropping the baton in their heat, but it was determined after the race that contact with another runner caused the baton to be dropped, and the US would have to run alone and beat the time of the last team that had qualified for the final.

Indian wrestler hit with doping ban, thrown out of Olympics. Another doping scandal hits these games.

Kerron Clement and Dalilah Muhammad both win gold for the US in 400m hurdles.

Other sports news

Someone was allegedly hurt by flying water bottles and cans during the Nate Diaz/Conor McGregor press conference, and is now suing the UFC.

Tom Brady cut his thumb on scissors while messing with his cleats. His injury forced him to sit out against the Chicago Bears.

Robert Griffin III showcases the deep ball. RGIII is having some good moments in Cleveland thus far, but it’s still the preseason.

Additional NFL preseason takeaways.

Ashton Eaton wins decathlon. He is one of the few to repeat as the champ of the 10-event competition.

Other news

Viacom CEO out, Redstone family re-asserts control.

Gawker will shut down next week.