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Jared Lorenzen teaming up with Jim Weber for podcast

Do you need more Hefty Lefty in your life? If you do, then today is your lucky day.

Jim Weber, founder of, announced he'll be doing a weekly college football podcast with the Round Mound of Touchdown himself...Jared Lorenzen.

So how did this podcast come to be? Did it take Weber weeks and weeks of back and forth to get Lorenzen on board? Not quite. Apparently, if you just ask nicely, you can end up doing a podcast with a Super Bowl Champ and a man who holds numerous University of Kentucky football passing records.

"I interviewed him for Lost Letterman last year and he seemed like a cool guy," Weber says, "we've interacted on Twitter a couple times and I thought...Man I'd love to do a college football podcast with him. What the hell, I'll just ask..."

The Abominable Throwman was all in, the rest is history and now the podcast is on the way. Weber (@JimMWeber) enlisted his Twitter followers to come up with a title and they came up with....drum roll please....James and the Giant QB. Needless to say, they nailed it.

When it comes to doing the podcast Weber can't help, but to hold back his excitement about teaming up with Lorenzen. "Not only is Jared one of the most exciting football players I've had the pleasure of watching, he is a great guy and absolutely hilarious."

Weber went on to say in a tweet the podcast will be every Monday through the college football season. The first one will hit the airwaves Monday, August 29th. Weber and the Pillsbury Throwboy will team up for 45 minutes talking about everything college football, including an "Ask Jared" segment.

Wildcat or college football fans interested in downloading the podcast will be able to get it from SoundCloud and iTunes.