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John Calipari has a new book about leadership; How you can get one

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Coach Cal's latest book will be released as the 2016-17 college basketball season begins.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

John Calipari is releasing a new book.

According to, the book is titled "Success is the Only Option: The Art of Coaching Extreme Talent," which will be centered around leadership. It will be released in bookstores everywhere on Nov. 15 and is available for preorder now. In the book, Calipari goes in depth in explaining how he teaches team-building in ways that apply to CEOs, business owners, coaches, teachers and leaders of all kinds.

This follows Calipari's previous book, "Players First: Coaching From the Inside Out." Calipari worked with author Michael Sokolove with that book, and those two are working together on Cal's latest work.

"Mike did such a great job of working with me on "Players First" that it was a no-brainer to use him again," Calipari said. "What I wanted was someone who would capture my voice, and Mike does a wonderful job of doing that. He’s a New York Times Bestseller who knows our program and knows my vision."

"Success is the Only Option" is available for preorder now at the following websites:

AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-MillionHarperCollinsIndieBound

Go here to read all of the details about Coach Cal's newest book.