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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Team USA Basketball Edition

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Men's Team USA Basketball has had some close calls lately, and fingers are being pointed at the coach.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies. Summer is quickly coming to a close, and for once, I’m not sure I’ll miss it. Rain, more rain, and rumors of rain have been the daily dish around here.

But on to our lead story, which is Team USA Basketball. Of late, the boys in red, white and blue have been struggling against notably inferior competition, and fingers are beginning to point in the direction of head coach Mike Krzyzewski:

The talent is there, but it’s mismatched. It’s a coach’s job to make the talent work together, and thus far, Krzyzewski has failed to do that. Instead, he’s allowing the five guys on the court to alternate playing isolation basketball on offense (while the other four players stand and watch) and go through the motions on defense.

Meanwhile, Krzyzewski seems intent to sabotage this squad’s chances. The team’s main problems — defense and offensive movement off the ball — aren’t being rectified, and the one player on the team who specializes in both areas — Draymond Green — is stapled to the end of the bench.

I have always been concerned about coaches, particularly when it comes to teams in the Olympics, focusing too much on offensive prowess and not enough on defense. If this team loses, I think that will be why.

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My mom really loved Elvis. I liked him as well. I remember watching him in all those specials and movies, listening to his unmistakable voice on the radio. Ah, memories …

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