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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Justin Rose Edition

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Have some Quickies to help your Monday Morning Blues.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The story of golf before the Olympics was the golfers not participating in Rio. Jordan Spieth, Rory McCilroy, Phil Mickelson, and others declined the invite.

But Justin Rose went and Justin Rose won gold.

Yeah, I know he isn't American, but I think it's a testament to him to go and play while so many others stayed home.

Tweets of the Day

Kentucky Wildcats Football

It's normal to have attrition in college football, but Mark Stoops may be dealing with a little more than most. The defense is getting hit the hardest.

Jon Hale from the Courier-Journal says it's CJ Conrad's time. I know fans sure hope so. We haven't had a good pass catching tight end since Jacob Tamme.

The state of Kentucky is home to some of the best high school football recruits in the nation. The hard part is keeping them here.

Kentucky Wildcat Basketball

Coach K's gig with Team USA has no doubt helped vault Duke into the upper echelon of the recruiting world once completely dominated by John Calipari.

Olympics News

USA Swimming was supposed to take a hit but instead, thanks in large part to Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps, Team USA has dominated.

She was America's sweetheart in London, but now Gabby Douglas is facing criticism for some of her actions. I think most of it is out of line and completely unfair. But one does have to ask, what's up with Gabby?

Simone Biles has been the anti-Gabby Douglas in Rio both on the medal stand and with her personality. I think this is the root of the rift. Douglas was Biles at one point. Not as dominant, but she's been Biles' shoes and it must hurt to not be there once again.

Ryan Lochte and three other American swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. This is the side of Rio that isn't in the coverage.

Usain Bolt made it look easy as he raced to his third gold medal in the 100-m dash.

Team USA basketball again bumbles to a win. Maybe it's time to temper expectations a bit.

Sports Around the Country

Dak Prescott upstaged number one pick QB Jared Goff in a preseason game. Number one, it's preseason, but don't count Dak out as far as success in the NFL. 

Every preseason top 25 basketball as a movie.Then Wildcats come in at number three and their movie comparison... The Aviator.

QB Wyatt Roberts of Last Chance U fame is now a Mississippi State Bulldog after pledging on the series that he is done with football,

My apologies for the light Quickies today but I had some things come up that need attendance. Fill in the rest in the comments section as you all are accustomed to. Thanks!