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Wildcat Quickies: UK football scrimmage edition

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UK football holds its first scrimmage, Michael Phelps wins another gold and more.

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Good Sunday morning BBN, these are your morning quickies. Saturday was the day of Kentucky's first scrimmage. The scrimmage had some great things, such as Drew Barker's leadership, high production from the receivers, and an impressive showing from the running backs. Unfortunately, the scrimmage also brought to light some defensive depth concerns, tackling miscues and bad kicking.

Starting with the good, it's becoming clearer and clearer every day that Barker was meant for this starting quarterback role. The coaches raved about his leadership following the game, as they have been doing since camp started. Offensive coordinator Eddie Gran said Barker did a great job converting drives, and put together some very long possessions.

As for the receivers, they looked much improved in comparison to themselves last season. According to Gran, neither Ryan Timmons nor Dorian Baker had drops on important plays. Both of them had catching troubles at times last season, so it'll be great if they can continue to hold onto the ball.

As for the running backs, it's business as usual with them. Boom Williams didn't play in the scrimmage as a precautionary measure, but this backfield will be led by him and JoJo Kemp, and we know what they're capable of. As for the scrimmage specifically, Gran was very impressed with freshman Benny Snell.

Unfortunately while there were positives, we also saw some room for improvement. The depth on the defensive side of the ball isn't great this year, especially after the loss of Regie Meant. On top of that, the defensive unit struggled to bring guys down, as even Courtney Love noted their tackling miscues. Lastly, Austin MacGinnis struggled a little today, as according to KSR he missed a few of his "seven or eight" kicks in game situations.

All-in-all, it's good that there are positives coming out of the scrimmage and there appears to be growth from last season. Hopefully there's enough time to sure up the defensive side and improve MacGinnis' accuracy.

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Happy belated birthday, Boogie!

Your quickies

Mikel Horton suffers ankle injury during scrimmage. We're not entirely sure of the extent, but it's apparent that he'll miss some time.

Kentucky fans keep popping up in Rio. Not surprising, the BBN is strong everywhere.

2016 Under Armour Elite 24 rosters announced. The rosters feature some top 2017 and 2018 recruits. Maybe some future Wildcats?

Two former Wildcats among NFL's top 100 players. Who says we're not a football school?

The Browns got all parts of RGIII in one drive. Robert Griffin III made his Browns debut on Saturday. It included one spectacular throw, him getting beat up a bit, and an interception... all in one drive. A perfect summary of his career to this point.

USA wins its 1,000th gold medal! The United States Olympians hit the milestone of 1,000 golds, winning number 1,000 in the women's medley relay.

Michael Phelps leads USA to gold in 4x100 medley. It was the perfect farewell for Michael Phelps, whose Olympic career is now over.

NFL football is back in Los Angeles. The Rams played their first game in LA Saturday night, marking the official return to LA.

Remember that guy that dressed up as Michael Jordan to play pickup basketball at a park? Well, the real MJ sent him some gear.

Rams vs. Cowboys: Dak Prescott shows out, Jared Goff struggles. Going back to football in LA, the new face of this LA Rams team did not have a great first outing. There is also a look at other action from other preseason games.

The Yankees begin their life without A-Rod. Spoiler alert: day one without A-Rod went pretty well.

Monica Puig wins Puerto Rico's first Olympic gold medal. We've seen a lot of firsts in this Olympic games; congratulations to Puig.

The US government is looking to cure Zika. Hopefully the outbreak can be stopped.