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Wildcat Quickies: Michael Phelps edition

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Michael Phelps is absolutely dominating these 2016 games. We discuss that and more.

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Good morning BBN, these are your Friday Wildcat quickies. As if Michael Phelps' Olympic career couldn't be any more illustrious, he has now raised his gold medal count to 22. Phelps grabbed number 22 by winning the 200m individual medley event on Thursday night before going on to qualify for the finals in the 100m butterfly, meaning he has a chance to grab another gold. After coming back from retirement, Phelps has proven that he isn't too old to be the greatest swimmer on Earth. At 31 years old, Phelps delivered perhaps his greatest single-race performance ever, managing to beat the entire field by a full body length, and leaving no doubt as to who the best swimmer in RIo is today. Much was made about the battle between Phelps and his teammate Ryan Lochte in this race, but Phelps made it a no contest.

Phelps has now won gold in the 200m butterfly, the 200m medley, the 4x100m freestyle and the 4x200m freestyle. Considering that Phelps has won more than four gold medals in all but two of the Olympic games he has competed in (one of those two being when he was 15 years old), it's likely that he's not done yet. He has been the most dominant force in the sport since he arrived on the world stage. Even at 15 he was in the Olympics, and ever since he's found himself front and center on the gold medal podium time and time again. There is no one that has made a better argument for greatest Olympian, and if Phelps can continue this in his final events for what is likely his last Summer games, he'll go down as the greatest to many fans of the Olympics.

Tweets of the day

It wasn't even close.

Great observation, Logan! That's certainly a similarity I see as well.

Your quickies

Two Kentucky prep players walking onto the women's team. Matthew Mitchell gets two walk-ons from within the state to bring the women up to nine eligible players.

Looking at Kentucky's war in the trenches. A great breakdown on the blocking schemes Kentucky's veteran o-line will use this football season.

Seven college teams that will steer the 2017 NBA Draft. Spoiler alert, Kentucky made the list. Shocking, right?

CBS has Kentucky going bowling. Weird, considering they ranked Southern Miss way above them, but we'll take the preseason "hype" I suppose.

SEC Country predicts every game on Kentucky's schedule. They don't have Kentucky going bowling.

US 4x200 freestyle relay team compared to 1996 Wildcats. There are a lot of Kentucky/US Olympic comparisons. Have to admire the greatness on each side.

Olympic quickies

Simone Manuel becomes first African-American female to win swimming gold. Manuel put her name in the history books Thursday night when she tied for first place in the 100m freestyle and became the first African-American female to win gold in an individual swimming event.

Speaking of Olympians named Simone, Simone Biles won gold in Gymnastics. It was a good day to be named Simone

American Ryan Murphy wins gold in 200m backstroke. That was Murphy's 2nd gold in a backstroke event in these games.

Ricky Rubio FINALLY dunked in a basketball game. This is the first time the NBA star has ever dunked in-game.

Fiji wins its first gold medal with a Rugby victory over Great Britain. Some have called this team the Harlem Globetrotters of rugby.

The best photos from Rio on Thursday.

The Ravens and Panthers stopped their preseason game to watch Michael Phelps win his 22nd gold.

Other sports news

Jimmy Garoppolo's performance in New England's preseason opener. A look at how New England's temporary starting quarterback did in game one of the preseason.

Fitzpatrick looks sharp in Jets' preseason opener. After his big one year deal, expectations will be high for Ryan Fitzpatrick in New York.

The Yankees paid Alex Rodriguez over $317 million for one World Series. Was it worth it?

Mark Sanchez makes case for starting quarterback. Will the Sanchize be the starter on day one?

Patriots wide receiver Matthew Mitchell out four weeks with dislocated elbow. The footage of the injury looks bad, but thankfully for the Patriots it won't ruin his season.

Other news

Dow, S&P 500, NASDAQ all hit new highs.

Muhammad Ali tribute book being released by Derek Jeter imprint.