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Nerlens Noel to Boston Celtics trade rumors back again

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Will this latest trade rumor get swatted, or is Boston where Nerlens Noel is destined to end up?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how all we heard about in June was how Nerlens Noel would likely be traded, possibly even to his hometown Boston Celtics?

The rumors found new life this week when Noel tweeted for the first time in a month, and it was pretty a pretty telling tweet:

While this could very well be nothing, in today's world of hot takes, wild rumors and frequent trade gossip, it was only a matter of time before a supposedly legitimate trade rumor came out following Noel's expression of his love for his hometown.

According to Comcast Sports New England, a trade between the Celtics and 76ers centered around Noel is still a possibility, but not one with a lot of traction for now.

Noel has not asked for a trade, but multiple league sources told that he is "very open" to being traded if the Sixers decide to make that decision.

Another league source contacted by on Thursday morning indicated that the Celtics still have a high level of interest in Noel but no deal is imminent.

They also noticed an odd thing about Noel's profile that you frankly don't see anyone do regarding their 'current' job.

On his Twitter page, Noel’s bio reads, "#BostonStrong – Former Kentucky Wildcat – Current Philadelphia 76er!!" The Everett, Mass., native has a similar message on the bio page of his Facebook account as well.

Who refers to the team they play for as "current?"

A player who wisely suspects that "current" label will become "former" sooner rather than later.

As a Celtics fan, I'm really conflicted about the thought of Noel in Boston for the long term. I'll enjoy seeing him sign a massive contract when he becomes a free agent in 2017, but I'm not sure Noel is someone you can win a title with if he's your highest or even second-highest paid player.

Even with Boston having just signed Al Horford to a massive deal, Noel could get a bigger deal next year with the salary cap taking another jump, so it's very possible he's the highest-paid player for whoever his next team in.

I love Noel, but I don't want to pay him like he's DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond or DeAndre Jordan.

Then again, I'm all for Boston paying whatever it takes to get Kelly Olynyk out of the lineup. I'd take Jahlil Okafor at this point to accomplish that.

So yeah, go for it Boston. Get Noel to a winning and stable franchise. We've not seen enough of that with other former Kentucky Wildcats in the NBA, who like Noel, end up getting drafted high to perennial bottom-feeders, or worse, the Kings.