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Malik Monk strives for greatness; wants to be best defender in the world

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If you didn't think Malik Monk was destined for greatness, read this.

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Most college freshman will tell you how they want to get to the Final Four, win a title and/or simply do their best to help make their team better.

Not Monk. The Kentucky Wildcats' freshman guard is striving to be the best at everything he does. If you didn't think Monk was destined for greatness, you need to read his Meet The Wildcats profile on

"I want to be the best," Monk said, who also added in regards to recruiting rankings, "I don’t pay attention to anything. Just whoever steps in front of me I’m just trying to. show them I’m the best. "I’m just focused from the beginning, from the get-go. Trying to be focused and focus on the game plan and do what I gotta do to help the team win."

Monk has never been a player lacking confidence in his ability, which has helped make him one of the best guards in America before he ever plays a college game.

"Confidence is the key. If you don’t have confidence – self-confidence for sure – I don’t think you can do anything," Monk said. "If you don’t have confidence in yourself you might as well just stay in the house or something because you don’t want to do anything. If you don’t have any confidence to do it it’s not going to work."

Listening to Monk, you would think this was an NBA vet with how well he carries himself and is so committed to honing his craft, right down to the little things.

"You gotta be (serious), because if you’re not – like I said, you’re on the collegiate level now you’re gonna get exposed by anything," Monk said. "Any little detail or anything you do wrong is going to be on TV and somebody can find it out in film and expose you on it. You gotta be focused and sharp the whole game."

One of the little things, or at least something most college freshman struggle at, is defense. However, Monk already has all the tools to be an elite defender in his first and only year in college, but he wants to be the best in the world.

"Since Coach Cal started talking to me about it I’m trying to focus on that more," Monk said of his defense. "I’m trying to be the best defender in the world. Everything."

To try something you’ve never really done before and immediately set your standards to become "elite" or the best in the world at it seems ambitious. But that’s Monk. That’s how he’s wired, and that’s how he plans on playing at Kentucky.

"You want to be the best," Monk said. "It’s pointless if you’re not the best or try to be the best. Being the best is fun."

Again, be sure to read his full interview with