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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting: Evan Daniels picks 4 recruits UK in best shape for

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Who will the Kentucky Wildcats land in 2017? Evan Daniels breaks it down with UK's four likeliest commitments.

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With August now here, a rarity has occurred in the world of Kentucky Basketball.

There are currently no players committed to become future Wildcats, something we've hardly ever seen with John Calipari in Lexington. However, with the summer recruiting events wrapping up, we may soon see one or more recruits announced their college decision with UK firmly in the mix.

Which 2017 guys is UK in the best shape for?'s Evan Daniels talked with Ben Roberts of the Herald-Leader about that very topic. To no surprise, a lot of the common names UK is recruiting were mentioned as prospects that Daniels believes UK is favored for.

For five-star point guard Trae Young, Daniels thinks it's essentially down to Oklahoma and UK, which has become a common belief in recruiting circles. Young is strongly considering staying home to play for the home-state Sooners, but the allure of Calipari and Kentucky Basketball may be enough to land Young's pledge.

Five-star shooting guard Hamidou Diallo is viewed as one of the likeliest UK commitments in 2017, but UConn and Kevin Ollie are making this a battle that could last longer than anticipated.

"I don’t think Hami is anywhere close to making his college choice," Daniels said. "He’s got some other really good options. (UConn’s) Kevin Ollie has made him a priority from day one. … I think there’s a long ways to go in his recruitment."

Five-star wing John Petty has made it no secret that UK is his dream school, but Alabama is a lot more attractive now that the Tide have Avery Johnson running the show. Daniels says that the home-state team is a real option for Petty. However, I continue to hear UK is the pick here if they simply let Petty commit, something they've been unwilling to do with so many other talented wings still out there.

Five-star forward P.J. Washington is another guy Daniels says that UK is in the final two or three for, though it is also too close to call right now.

"I think Kentucky has done a really good job recruiting him," Daniels said. "He’s starting to probably figure his deal out a little more. He’s ahead of some of these other kids because he has taken some visits. I think Kentucky is in good shape with him.

"He’s not going to tell you they’re his leader. But I’d say they’re one of two or three that are right there at the top, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up there."

So to recap, Daniels thinks that Petty, Young, Diallo and Washington are the four guys UK is in best shape for. That's true for the first three, but you could argue UK is in better shape with five-star center Nick Richards or five-star forward Jarred Vanderbilt than they are with Washington.