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Alex Poythress talks NBA plans; thinks Isaac Humphries will have big year

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Poythress returned to Lexington this week to serve as a coach in the John Calipari UK Pro Camp.

In the process, Alex talked about his NBA plans after playing in the summer league, his future goals for life after his playing career, and which new Cats have impressed him among other topics. He also got a chance to work out at UK and show off his not-a-sports-writer body.

Here's a recap of everything Alex had to say Monday:

On how he played in the NBA Summer League and feedback he's gotten
"I felt it went good, a great experience playing down in Orlando with the Magic. I appreciate the opportunity and I feel like I did things well. I've gotten feedback. A couple teams have called about training camp invites.

"I'm not sure I can say which teams because I haven't signed nothing yet, but things are looking optimistic, so that's good. Just staying active, motor, playing defense, being a defensive specialist coming in. If I can guard multiple positions that'd work real well for me."

On if he plans on going to an NBA training camp
"I've talked to a couple teams about camp, so I'll probably go do that, I just can't say what teams yet because it's nothing official yet."

On the toughest part of this process
"It's just a grind, and then you have to make a decision off business and what's best for you since you're a professional now. You're your own guy, you have to look out what's best for you."

On how enthusiastic he would feel to play overseas
"I've looked at different options, but that's the goal still. I still have time to do that. Teams feeling optimistic about me. I'm just taking it one day at a time. It's a long process. It's a long road. I knew it was going to be like this. I'm just ready for it."

On his knees
"Knees are great. I've trained out in LA and done a lot of rehab and PT. Added a couple more inches to my vert. I feel fine. I feel real healthy. I'm ready to roll."

On advice from his former teammates
"Yeah, I've talked to Andrew (Harrison). I talked to Aaron (Harrison) and Dakari (Johnson) when we were out in Orlando. We went and got some bites to eat. They just told me it's a long process, keep grinding and keep pushing hard, keep working, stay in the gym, be humble and everything like that."

On what advice he's gotten from Calipari
"Just go out and give it your all. Give full effort, play with nothing to lose, and just have fun. Basketball is a sport, but it's not your life. He just wanted to make you have fun. If you have fun everything is going to take care of itself."

On if he'll ever get into coaching
"No, I don't think I have the patience to coach (laughter)."

On a front office job
"Maybe, something with basketball. I want to stay around sports, but coaching, I don't know.

On taking part in the UK basketball camp
"Playing with the kids was fun. Lexington is like a second home to me. I've been here so long. Me and Tyler (Ulis) played with them for a little bit. It's real good to see how much they enjoy it. We enjoy it the same way. I have fun just playing basketball for fun.

"You don't really get that much of a chance to do that. Kentucky is such a special place. I feel like all of us have the same connection here. The fans, the support, the coaches. We're just a big family here. Everybody just feels that special bond being here at Kentucky."

On the new  Kentucky Wildcats
"They're going to be pretty good. Me, Tyler (Ulis) and Devin (Booker) played pick-up with them the other day. They're going to be real good. Real athletic at the positions. Isaiah (Briscoe) is really bringing some leadership, so if he knows how to handle his troops they're going to be really fine when it's said and done.

"Really impressed by them. Malik (Monk) stood out to me. He's real athletic and real gifted offensively. Stuff like that. I think they're going to be real well overall though. Isaac (Humphries) stepped up too. He's gotten a lot better. I think he'll have a big year."

On Bam Adebayo
"He didn't play. I'm not sure. He just wasn't in the gym when we played. But he's big, physical and I think he's going to be real good for them too."