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Alex Reigelsperger talks with ASOB; Is he next Kentucky Football commit?

Alex Reigelsperger is making it no secret UK is his clear-cut favorite. Will he commit soon?

Alex Reigelsperger during a visit to UK.
Alex Reigelsperger during a visit to UK.

Over the last several years, I have had the chance to work/speak with many young athletes.

Admittedly, very few of these were getting the attention of the press, but I have yet to speak with a young man that was so comfortable and spoke as easily, as Alex Reigelsperger.

Alex has received a lot of attention from both the UK coaching staff and the fan base of the Big Blue Nation. If you view his Twitter, it is a bevy of UK tweets and retweets. I suggest giving him a follow and a shout out at @a_reigelsperger.

Now it is time to get into the interview that I was fortunate enough to be given. I enjoyed our conversation, and we even had a little fun towards the end.  As to keep things in the best of context, I will provide a verbatim recount of our interview. I hope you enjoy!


Obviously, it takes time, talent and hard work to become one of the top players in America. When did you start playing Football?

I started playing football in about 4th grade; it's great to see all the hard work and sweat and tears into something, but rankings don't mean much to me, nor do stars. Nothing is more of a blessing than just being able to play the game for real.


That's awesome, and your passion is evident. It is always great to see hard work pay off. What types of lessons (off the field) have you learned from football?

There's always people who look up to you, no matter what you do. Whether you're a star football player, a coach, a garbage man, anything, I grew up always looking up to Robert Landers and Tyree Kinnel and Tobias Gilliam, so to know there're kids out there looking up to me the same way, it really all taught me that no matter who you are or what you do, someone is always looking up to you.

You are an incredibly well-spoken young man. Lately, you have retweeted a lot of UK fans on Twitter. Additionally, you have stated that UK is in your top two. What draws you to UK?

Haha. Yeah, not the first. Thank you, sir. It means a lot. The atmosphere, you can't find sec atmosphere anywhere else but the sec. And UK is on the rise, new facilities, newer better team, I think they have a great chance of being top 4 in the SEC. UK is on the rise and has great faculties and amazing coaches with great people surrounding you to really make you feel at home.

I see UK Football as being on the way up, but it is good to know that top recruits, such as yourself, do as well. I can't help but notice Pitt isn't in the SEC. Can we UK fans consider that a positive omen?

Yeah, I like Pitt, and my family does too, just not the vibe I'm looking for in a school. And yes I even made a tweet not long ago, about after UK has a good season there going to blow up with commits and stuff, but I already knew they would, and I've been hip, but I believe in them

What are you looking for, before making a commitment? Could we see a commitment coming soon?

There's some mornings I wake up and want to be committed, and some days I want to wait, so since I still have thoughts of wanting to wait, I'm going to wait until I'm 100%, so I'm not one to speak on committing, lol.


That's a very mature response. As you know, football seems to have a lot of commit/decommit situations. It seems like you'll be solid, once you decide. That's clearly the best thing for you, and everyone involved.

Switching gears a bit, do you compare yourself to any other DEs out there? Anyone you model your game  after?

I model my play and look up to my 2 fav athletic players, Bud and Jadeveon Clowney, Bud was just a freakish athlete and Clowney was a monster on the edge. And yes I don't understand the whole commit and decommit thing which is why I want to wait until I'm 100%

I assume that's UK Alum Bud Dupree... Now let's do a few fun questions. What is your favorite restaurant?

Yes, Bud Dupree is the man, lol. The favorite restaurant has to be Raising Canes honestly, the Caniac Combo.

Nice choice! Favorite band/musician?

Oh J Cole without a doubt, Rap

My daughter gives you a huge thumbs up for that choice. Favorite hobby (besides FB)?

Lol good he's amazing Weightlifting like working out, swimming

Awesome choices! I actually work with guys like Shaun T and Tony Horton. Fitness is huge in our house! Favorite quote?

After we lost state the first time, Tyree said "work everyday to not feel this feeling again."

That's gotta be my favorite quote

Yes, I absolutely do.

Great quote. Thanks for your time! One last important question: Beyoncé or Rihanna?

Beyonce, Is that even a question? lol.

Fair enough!  Thanks for your time and I wish you nothing but success.