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John Robic being replaced by Joel Justus permanently?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It looks like John Robic is the UK coach that Joel Justus is subbing in for.

On Monday, WTVQ's Kennedy Hardman reported that Justus was filling in for an unnamed UK coach, who was taking some time off for personal reasons. Rumors began spreading that the coach stepping down temporarily was Robic, who's father passed away in late April.

Now, Hardman reports Robic is not only the coach in question, but that it's possible Justus is stepping into a more permanent role with Kentucky Basketball:

That brings into question whether Robic will be stepping down from his normal job and taking a lesser role, or if UK is finding a way for both he and Justus to be assistants. Robic has been at UK since 2009, and was with John Calipari at Memphis before that.

Justus originally came on in 2014 to be the team's director of analytics before being promoted to special assistant to the head coach in 2015.

According to, Justus was recently recruiting in Spain for the FIBA U17 World Championships. That's where Calipari was also recruiting last week, though he nor anyone at UK have released any info as to who the coach stepping back temporarily is.

Whatever is the case, Robic is hopefully getting to be with his family during the tough times they may be going through.