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Joel Justus temporarily replacing a Kentucky Wildcats assistant coach

This is a big development for UK as the summer recruiting period heats up.


The Kentucky Wildcats are dealing with a bit of unexpected and unfortunate change on their coaching staff.

According to WTVQ's Kennedy Hardman, UK special assistant Joel Justus is now becoming a temporary assistant coach, as he'll replace a current coach who's taking time off due to family reasons.

As Hardman alluded to, Justus began to replace Robic temporarily back in April when his father passed away. That may be who's taking time off here, but there's no confirmation of such right now.

Justus served as director of analytics during the 2014-15 season. He was responsible for analyzing player and team performance and utilizing various stats and data to help develop efficient strategies through video.

UK then elevated him to the title of 'special assistant to the head coach' prior to last season. His duties include utilizing analytics and evaluating the men’s basketball team through practice, film and meetings to provide feedback directly to John Calipari and the staff outside of practice and competition.

Justus also scouts future opponents, provide strategies to help advance the program and assist with special projects assigned by the head coach.