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John Calipari writes State of Kentucky Basketball manifesto

Recruiting. Player development. Offensive strategy. These are all things John Calipari is ready to change for Kentucky Basketball to ascend even higher.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The state of Kentucky Basketball looks great, but John Calipari is still changing up how it will be run.

If you're a glass-half-full kind of guy/gal, you'll quickly point to Four Final Fours and the 2012 NCAA Championship as to why Coach Cal has made Kentucky Basketball the gold standard of college hoops, not to mention dozens of players getting to continue their careers in the NBA.

But if you're a glass-half-empty person, you'll point to UK not reaching its ultimate goal in all but one year under Coach Cal's watch. Perhaps this is why Calipari just put out a long piece on the state of Kentucky Basketball, as well as how he'll be changing several things up going forward.

Here is an excerpt:

With that in mind, we’re going to try some things this season that, in my mind, will make us even better. Normally, I’m pretty specific in what I’m doing, what I’m thinking and what I’m sharing, but that’s not going to be the case this time other than to say that you’re going to see new things in our approach and how we do it.

Now, I look at this season and I ask myself, "How can we make ourselves better teachers and better coaches? What areas can we work on?" We’ve started to do some of our teaching differently. There are areas we never emphasized that we’re zeroing in on.

Even recruiting is something that will undergo changes. One may ask, why, in terms of the best recruiter in college basketball changing his approach. The Wildcats are, after all, in the running for the nation's elite high school talent.

Six times since 2009 has the allure of John Calipari and Kentucky basketball been enough to land the No. 1 recruiting class. All of UK's classes under Cal have featured at least two top-10 recruits, but even that is something Cal wants to alter.

We now are looking at different approaches to home visits, evaluations, and exactly what the characteristics are that we’re looking for. Our recruiting has been pretty solid. Well, let’s make it even better.

The world is changing and how these young people get information is changing. The environment around them is changing. We want to change with them. I’m not looking to use the same lesson plan I’ve used the last five years.

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