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New Malik Monk and Bam Adebayo highlights to get you hyped for next season

David Banks/Getty Images

The summer doldrums and waiting for next season always seem to last a lifetime, but thankfully, there are various ways to pass the time for even the most die-hard of sports fans.

One such way is the latest work from Ball Is Life, as they've released new mixtapes for two of the biggest freshman in college basketball this coming season. They also just so happen to reside in Lexington, Kentucky as Edrice 'Bam' Adebayo and Malik Monk will be putting on a show in Rupp Arena and across the nation soon enough.

Both Bam and Monk are as powerful, athletic and oozing with talent as anyone at their respective positions in a loaded 2016 class. They both also are highlight machines with epic mixtapes of their high school dominance that will get any UK fan hyped up for next season.

Here's a look at the latest ones from Ball Is Life:

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