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John Calipari says 76ers want Jamal Murray more than Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram

John Calipari dropped a mini bombshell as to who the 76ers actually like the most in this year's NBA draft.

How high will former Kentucky Wildcats guard Jamal Murray be taken in this year's NBA draft?

While Murray may not go No. 1 to the 76ers or No. 2 to the Lakers, there have been clear indications Philly really likes Murray, perhaps enough to trade up with the Celtics and take him at No. 3.

UK head coach John Calipari took is a step further on the most recent episode of Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg's podcast. Cal was a guest on the show to talk about the upcoming draft, modifying the early-entrant deadlines and who should go No. 1 to Philly.

Of course, Cal expressed his support and desire to see Murray go No. 1 and why the former Cat deserves that honor.

"His ability to score, stretch the defense, play the point guard position, play off the ball because the NBA is going to position-less, and flat-out shoot the ball, which is where the NBA is going," Cal said. "He's physically ready. He's one of the great kids of all-time. It's not like he's got a body that may or may not work in that league, and it's not like he's not a great kid who can lead your locker room, so all of the sudden he gets consideration for the 1 pick."

But the biggest thing Cal revealed is that the 76ers actually like Murray more than Ingram or Simmons.

"That’s who they want more than those two, and that’s all I can tell you," Cal said of Murray.

Be sure to listen to the full interview.