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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Golden State Warriors Domination Edition

Cavs say "uncle" to the Warriors, Darius "Killer" Miller still balling out, Tai Wynyard's 3X3 team falls, the 'Cats top the Blue Devils, and more!

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Once upon a time, the Golden State Warriors trailed the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals. They were on the brink of elimination but promptly got back on their feet and won the series.

They are now sitting at 2-0 in the NBA Finals after two dominating performances against the Cleveland CavaliersLast night's games was never in question and the Warriors two stars, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, have become role players while guys like Draymond Green, Shaun Livingston, and Leandro Barbosa are doing most of the damage.

Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving have had subpar games, especially Irving with a 10 point stinker last night. The Cavs look completely out-matched, out-manned, and out-coached. Last year in the Finals, LeBron fared better with a group of misfits than with his two star teammates.

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Your Quickies

Darius ‘Killer’ Miller 8-for-9 on threes in Game 1 of German league finals. Former Mason County High School and University of Kentucky star Darius Miller is trying to add to another championship victory to the three he already has collected.

Wynyard, New Zealand, Fall To Qatar In Semifinals . Tai Wynyard scored 63 points in seven games this week, but New Zealand was not able to defend their title in the FIBA U18 3-on-3 world championships. Read my interview with FIBA about Tai's performance. (Shameless plug alert)

The Kentucky Wildcats, not the Duke Blue Devils, have the best recruiting class in 2016 according to the Recruiting Services Consensus Index. It's hard to argue when Kentucky is bringing in five players with five stars by their names. And with the return of Isaiah Briscoe, it's also a debate about which team has the better overall team. And looking at that picture of Bam Adebayo shoving Marques Bolden out of position makes me smile.

Isaiah Thomas on Kevin Durant: ‘That’s who I’m trying to get’ . In a telephone interview with the Globe, Thomas made it clear he is "all-in" to try to sign the Thunder's All-NBA forward. This makes me very happy as a Boston Celtics fan.

Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs loses for the first time in almost a calendar year. The Cy Young frontrunner has been almost flawless for the best team in baseball.

How To Conquer The Agony Of Small Talk At The Next Party You Go To. Don't skip those backyard BBQs. Follow these tips and be the social conqueror you've always dreamed of becoming. The older I get the harder it becomes to participate in dreaded small talk.

Muhammad Ali participated in many legendary fights in his career, but one stood out above the rest. It's hard to argue an of these, but I think the top two are right and honestly are interchangeable.

Current and former athletes pay their respects to Muhammad Ali. His body has returned home to Louisville and there are multiple services and memorials planned throughout the week. I plan on paying my respects as his body is led through downtown on Friday.

Broncos CB Aqib Talib shot in leg, expected to miss White House trip. Aqib Talib is a three-time Pro Bowl selection and key member of the Broncos' defense. He's also shown far too often hew can be a massive knucklehead.

It is the anniversary of the Normandy landing on D-Day and here are six myths surrounding the historical event. Thanks to the Greatest Generation for their service. My late grandfather spent his 21st birthday in snow up to his waist in France and is one of my heroes.

SPOILERS: A recap from last night's Game of Thrones features the return of a chicken loving former knight. Solid episode last night that featured Jon and Sansa trying to rally the North to their cause, Arya in more trouble and Margery Tyrell is playing a game all her own. But only 50 minutes long? C'mon maaaaannn...

How big can a giant squid become?Ummmm... we really don't know.

A dagger that once belonged to King Tut is made from a meteorite. That's pretty cool.

And for your WTF moment of the day: