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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Players and John Calipari Mourn the Loss of Muhammad Ali

Big Blue Nation reflects on the loss of The Greatest.

There are just a few athletes that transcend the world of sports and Muhammad Ali may be the greatest example of one who does just that.

Ali was a fixture in his hometown of Louisville and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He was proud of his Louisville roots and even went by the nickname "The Louisville Lip."

He met with many Kentucky Wildcats players and coaches during his time, even though his heart was with the Louisville Cardinals. The athletes he met viewed him as more than a man. He was a mythical figure that stood for more than just boxing, especially to young African Americans.

And even if they never had the chance to meet him, he still held a special place in their hearts as is evident in the outpouring of support. If one has any connection to the Commonwealth, Ali is as inescapable and revered as Abraham Lincoln.

Kentucky Wildcats players and coaches took to social media to share their memories and mourn the loss of The Greatest.

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