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Kentucky Football: July is UK's 2nd-biggest recruiting month

UK has picked up momentum on the recruiting trail after the class appeared to be falling apart just a month ago. July should keep it going.

Mary Ann Chastain/Getty Images

Of course, February is the biggest month when recruits sign their official commitment. July is the month when UK holds their most important camps.

While Kentucky went on a mini-slump of losing recruits recently, the rest of the SEC teams have been getting commitments. Tennessee recently received eight. Eight!

So, if you believe that the 2017 class has fallen apart, I think you'll be changing your mind in July.

After Russ Yeast's de-commitment, fans just don't know what to think. I decided to see if I can figure it out, especially after Vince Marrow tweeted that UK is still going to have a great class for 2017. My initial thought was how are we going to have a great class when we can't even hold on to the recruits that have committed?

I want to issue a qualifier before going any further. I do not have any inside information. I left Lexington in 2000 and haven't returned since UK lost to Mississippi St in 2007. I do not subscribe to premium sites because I don't like the idea of any company automatically charging my credit card or bank account.

I control my money and allow access to none except my beautiful wife. My information comes from Justin Rowland's (Cats Illustrated) and Patrick Loney's ( All Wildcats) tweets, KSTVNext Cats and Kentucky Sports Radio (this link takes you directly to football recruiting articles, but even those are filled with clutter). Of the bunch, KSR is the worst, but they get it right from time to time.

Sometimes, I have to just read between the lines and make relatively intelligent guesses about recruiting. So, bottom line, I make use of other people's information. I spend hours and hours accumulating information which may or may not be accurate.

Let's talk first about those who committed and then de-committed. The numbers compare for 2017 to the awful list from the 2015 class. So far, we have lost the following (I may have missed one or two):

Russ Yeast, Greenwood, IN -€” DB - Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa St., Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Northwestern, Ole Miss, Purdue, Rutgers, Washington St., and Auburn offered in the last week.

If you follow Justin Rowland, Yeast and his father had some disagreements this year about how hard UK's efforts were to keep recruiting Russ. This should be common knowledge by now even if you're not a paying customer at Cats Illustrated, Kentucky's Rivals site. He's referenced this on his Twitter account.

Mac Jones, Jacksonville, FL -€” QB - Rivals 4* (5.8) - Flipped to Alabama

Demarco Artis, Seminole, FL -€” DL - Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Committed to Central Florida -€” Power 5 offers: Maryland, NC State, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Colorado, Iowa St., Kentucky, Louisville, Minnesota, Ole Miss, Rutgers, Syracuse, Pittsburgh

James Hudson, Toledo, OH -€” DE -€” Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Projected to Michigan by 247 Sports. Power 5 offers: Michigan, Michigan St, Alabama, Cal, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa St., Kentucky, Miami, Nebraska, Penn St., Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers, West Virginia.

Justin Rowland is on record that Hudson is still interested in UK and could very well re-commit like Denzil Ware back in 2013. If Ohio St. offers, all bets are off. That's just my opinion.

Michael Warren, Toledo, OH -€” RB -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Projected to Ohio State by 247 Sports even though he has no offer from the Buckeyes -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky, Boston College, Iowa State, Rutgers, Iowa. His 247 Sports profile still shows his interest in UK as "warm." All I can say is that 3* running backs are a dime a dozen. It seems to me, though, he will follow Hudson's lead. Justin Rowland says he is still in contact with our coaches.

Charles Reeves, Steubenville, OH -€” TE -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers and Wisconsin.

The thing we all have to remember is that offers may or may not be committable offers. No one knows this except the players and coaches, unless the information is leaked.

One thing we know about Mark Stoops is that he doesn't like to offer unless a recruit visits the campus and/or attends a camp. The July camps are coming up and we should see some recruiting action after July 17th. Here's the July camp schedule which is available at the UK Athletics official site:

July 16th -€” High School 7 on 7 Camp - Registration at 7:00 AM

July 16th -€” Wildcat O-Line/ D- Line Camp - Registration at 7: 00 -€” 8:00 AM

July 17th -€” Sunday Night Lights Camp - Registration at 3:00 -€” 4:00 PM -€” This is the big one for recruiting.

A list of possible attendees is below.  The links take you to each player's HUDL video, although some don't have videos. In that case, you'll be directed to the 247 Sports profile.

Demetri Burch, Apopka, FL -€” ATH -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Likely to commit if asked -€” Love's UK -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Hinshaw), Louisville, West Virginia and Syracuse

Juwan Burgess, Tampa, FL -€” ATH -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Projected to commit to Clemson -€” Power 5 offers: MiamiFlorida, Kentucky (Hinshaw), Ohio St., Tennessee, USC, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Florida St., Georgia, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan, Mississippi St, North Carolina, South Carolina, Syracuse, UCLA, Virginia Tech. His top 5 are in bold.

Joshua Ali, Hollywood, FL - ATH -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Committed to UK recently - Power 5 offers: Louisville, NC State, Illinois, Wake Forest, Iowa, Kentucky (Gran), Kansas, Utah, West Virginia, Illinois, Pitt. Eddie Gran was impressed at one of the satellite camps and the coach and the player have been talking.

He's visiting Louisville in July, probably right before or after UK's Sunday Night Lights camp. Could be a bell-weather recruit regarding Eddie Gran's recruiting prowess. Here's an interesting fact: Louisville and UK both offered on 4/29. He is Muhammad Ali's nephew.

Malik Cunningham, Montgomery, AL - ATH -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Committed to Louisville - Power 5 offers: Louisville, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU. Why is he on the board? Rumors that his commitment is turning soft based on the rumors. Apparently, Oregon thinks he's a possible Quack and he's planning on a visit to UK (camp weekend?).

Lynn Bowden, Youngstown, OH -- ATH -€” Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Undecided - Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Marrow), Penn State, Indiana, Michigan, Rutgers, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Justin Rowland says Bowden is showing increasing interest. 247 Sports projects him to commitment to Michigan St. who hasn't offered.

Brian Edwards, Miramar, FL -€” DB -€” Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Projected to Miami or Syracuse -€” Power 5 offers: Miami, Syracuse, Florida, LSU, Louisville, Mississippi St, Clemson, Colorado, Kentucky, Nebraska, North Carolina, Purdue, Utah, Wake Forest.

Aapri Washington, Mt. Holly, NC -€” DB - Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” UK and Ole Miss are his favorites -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky, Ole Miss, Boston College, Mississippi St., Syracuse, TCU, Wake Forest, West Virginia

Jarquez McClellion, Delray Beach, FL - DB -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Arkansas, Cal, Kentucky (Gran), Louisville, Boston College, Duke, Maryland, Michigan St, Nebraska, North Carolina, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia.

Marquis Waters, Delray Beach, FL - DB -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) - Projected to Duke -€” Power 5 offers: Duke, Iowa St, Kentucky (Gran), Maryland, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Cal, Missouri, NC State, Nebraska, Purdue, Rutgers, Temple, Wisconsin.

Gentry Bonds, Murfreesboro, TN -€” DB - Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Undecided - Power 5 offers: Clemson, Georgia Tech, Kentucky (Eliot), Missouri, Nebraska, Duke, Indiana, Louisville, North Carolina, Purdue, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest. First 5 are his favorites.

Ahman Ross, Jacksonville, FL -€” DB -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Projected to Miami or Louisville -€” Power 5 offers: Miami, Louisville, Florida St, Indiana, Kentucky (House), West Virginia. Ross de-committed from Miami on May 10th.

Cedric Dort, West Palm Beach, FL -€” DB -€” Rivals 2* (5.4) -€” Projected Kentucky -€” to Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Hinshaw), Iowa St, Minnesota, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Wisconsin. Likely to commit if asked.

Karon Delince, Phenix City, AL -€” DB -€” Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Projected Kentucky -Power 5 offers: Kentucky, Duke, Mississippi St.

Josh Dinson, Hialeah, FL -€” DB - Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Projected Kentucky - Power 5 offers: Kentucky and Syracuse.

Meshael Custis, Hampton, GA -€” DB -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Power 5 offers: Clemson, Kentucky, Michigan, Florida, Indiana, Louisville, Minnesota, Mississippi St., NC State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest.

Amir Riep, Cincinnati, OH -€” DB -€” Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Projected to Ohio St. -€” Power 5 offers: Ohio St., Michigan St, Kentucky (Marrow), Notre Dame, Alabama, Arizona, Auburn, Cal, Duke, Florida, Florida St, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa St, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi St, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Oregon, Oregon St, Penn St, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Jordan Wright, Ft. Lauderdale, FL -€” DE - Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Undecided - €”Power 5 offers: Miami, Alabama, Kentucky (Gran), Michigan St, Oklahoma, Syracuse, Tennessee, USC, Baylor, Michigan, Mississippi St, North Carolina, Arkansas, Cal, Colorado, Indiana, Louisville, Maryland, NC State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Temple. This is the player that John Calipari told he could possibly walk-on with the basketball team.

Owen Carney, Miami, FL -€” DE -€” Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Duke, Miami, Kansas St., Kentucky (Thomas), Mississippi St, Syracuse, Utah, Cal, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa St, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Purdue, Tennessee, Wake Forest.

Tyree Jackson, Orlando, FL -€” DE -€” Rivals 2* (5.4) -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Hinshaw)

J'Bril Glaze, Tampa, FL -€” DE -€” Rivals 2* (5.4) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Hinshaw), Arizona, Indiana, Iowa St, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan St, Mississippi St, South Carolina, Temple, Tennessee, Virginia Tech.

Jonathon Garvin, West Palm Beach, FL -€” DE -€” Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Projected to Clemson -€” Power 5 offers: Clemson, Florida St, Georgia, Kentucky (Gran), Louisville, Miami, NC State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Iowa St, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Syracuse.

M.J. Webb, Madison, GA -€” DE -€” Rivals 4* (5.8) - Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: South Carolina, Auburn, Kentucky (Brumbaugh), Tennessee, Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida St, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Michigan St, Mississippi St, NC State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio St, Ole Miss, Penn St, Texas A&M.

Joshua Paschal, Olney, MD -€” DE -€” Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Likely to Maryland or Notre Dame -€” Power 5 offers: Maryland, Kentucky (Clinkscale), Ohio St, Oklahoma, Clemson, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia. While UK is in his top 4, Maryland now has his attention.

Lamonte McDougle, Delray Beach, FL -€” DL -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€”Washington St. is his favorite for now -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Gran), West Virginia, Arkansas, Minnesota, Penn St, Purdue, Stanford, Syracuse, Tennessee, Washington St.

Noah Curtis, Delray Beach, FL -€” LB/DE -€” Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Looks like NC State is the favorite -€” Power 5 offers: NC State, Kentucky (Gran), North Carolina, Arkansas, Iowa St, Maryland, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, West Virginia.

Albert Tucker, Ft. Lauderdale, FL -€” LB -€” Rivals not rated-€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Gran)

J'Kakyre Daley, Riviera Beach, FL -€” LB -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Projected to Notre Dame -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Gran) Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Arizona, Cal, Indiana, Iowa St, Louisville, Mississippi St, Rutgers, Syracuse, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin.

Chase Monroe, Davidson, NC -€” LB -€” Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Projected to Kentucky -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Eliot), Mississippi St, Wake Forest, Illinois, Temple. UK"s Eliot chief competitors are Wake and MSU.

Justin Foster, Shelby, NC -€” LB -€” Rivals 4* (5.9) -€” Projected to Tennessee -€” Power 5 offers: Alabama, Kentucky (Eliot), Tennessee, Auburn, Duke, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, NC State, Nebraska, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Stanford, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Florida. UK is in his top 7. He really likes D.J. Eliot and sees himself as a Bud Dupree-type player.

Jacob Phillips, Nashville, TN -€” LB -€” Rivals 4* (5.9) -€” Projected to Oklahoma -€” Power 5 offers -€” Alabama, Kentucky (Eliot), Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Cal, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Mississippi St, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas A&M.

Jean Marcellus, Tampa, Fl - OL -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Projected to Kentucky -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Hinshaw), Louisville, Miami, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi St.

Jedrick Wills, Lexington, KY -€” OL -€” Rivals 5* (6.1) -€” Projected to Kentucky - Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Schlarman), Notre Dame, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Michigan St, Ohio St, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida St, Louisville, Miami, South Carolina, Virginia. Notre Dame seems to be UK's toughest competition. Justin Rowland thinks he will give a soft commitment this summer to either Kentucky or Notre Dame.

Thayer Munford, Cincinnati, OH -€” OL -€” Rivals 3* (5.7) - Projected to Pittsburgh -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Marrow), Louisville, Pittsburgh, Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, Alabama.

Tony Gray, Lawrenceville, GA -€” OL -€” Rivals 4* (5.9) -€” Projected to Georgia -€” Power 5 offers: Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Baylor, Boston College, Cal, Clemson, Florida, Florida St, Georgia Tech, Kansas St, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Mississippi St, Michigan St, Missouri, NC State, North Carolina, Ohio St, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Penn St, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech.  His top two are UGA and UK

Carlos Van Lynn, Columbus, OH -€” OL -€” Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Marrow), Boston College, Iowa St., Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Wake Forest. Will commit to Ohio St., if offered.

Obinna Eze, Nashville, TN - OL - Rivals 4* (5.8) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Eliot), Alabama, Auburn, Duke, Florida, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Michigan, Mississippi St, Missouri, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. Eze attended UK camp on 6/4/16 and he warmed up to UK.

Naquan Reynolds, Winter Garden, FL -€” WR -€” Rivals not rated -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky, Syracuse.

Andre Williams, Winter Park, FL -€” WR -€” Rivals 3* (5.5) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Hinshaw), North Carolina, and NC State.

Tarique Milton, Bradenton, FL -€” WR -€” Rivals 2* (5.3) -€” Undecided -€” Power 5 offers: Iowa St, Kentucky (Thomas), Michigan St, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple.

Leroy Henley, Deerfield Beach, FL -€” WR -€” Rivals 3* (5.6) -€” Projected to West Virginia -€” Power 5 offers: West Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky (Gran), Auburn, Boston College, Cal, Indiana, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Michigan St, Mississippi St, NC State, Oklahoma, Penn St, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Wisconsin, Florida.

D.J. Edwards, West Palm Beach, FL -€” WR -€” Rivals unrated -€” Projected to Kentucky -€” Power 5 offers: Kentucky (Gran), West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa St, Louisville, Missouri, NC State, Oregon St, Penn St, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple. Would likely commit if asked to do so.

Danny Davis, Springfield, OH - WR -€” Rivals 4* (5.9)-€” Projected to Michigan St - Power 5 offers: (top 4 in Bold) Kentucky (Marrow), Michigan StPenn StWest Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Northwestern, Rutgers. He hasn't been to UK, according to 247 Sports. He's visited MSU 5 times. UK offered in 2014.

If you're wondering if UK is looking for a RB, an offer may be coming for one of these two if they camp in July:

Josh Samuels, Lawrenceville, GA -€” RB -€” Rivals NR -€” Minnesota is his only offer so far. He is a teammate of 2018 commit Jarren Williams at Central Gwinnett HS. Williams says he's the hardest runner he's ever seen. He's in constant contact with UK coach Matt House.

Morgan Ellison, Pickerington, OH -€” RB -€” Rivals 3* (5.7) -€” Power 5 offers: none.

I don't want to get into the 2018 recruits that will attend the July camps, but you can expect at least one commitment from that class.

For 2017, Kentucky will take in 18 to possibly 20 commitments and we have 10 committed. You do the math and you see that Kentucky is not in as bad of a position as the negative nabob fans believe.