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John Calipari pays players, says Clay Travis

John Calipari threw a few rocks this week, and the dogs are yelping up a storm.

Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Because this week featured the NBA Draft, John Calipari has been in the media frequently across various sports and radio networks.

Perhaps seeing Cal get so much air time to promote his program and players upset a few talking heads who probably don't deserve the platform they're on. We saw ESPN's Dan Lebatard have his moment earlier this week, followed by Yahoo's Pat Forde making a rear of himself.

Now Fox Sports 1’s Clay Travis is jumping in on the fun. Travis was a guest on an Arkansas radio show today, and he flat-out claimed that Calipari pays his players when asked about Cal’s appearances on ESPN.

"I think the overall impact of that is going to be pale in comparison to the money he is giving players to sign with him. Let’s be honest: John Calipari is paying players and has been for years. It would be the biggest upset in the history of mankind for him to not be doing that."

Travis later added "I think John Calipari cheats his ass off." you can listen to the full interview here.

And here's a live look-in at Coach Cal:

But in all seriousness, there's a reason you don't typically see any kind of notable sports figure with a platform as big as Travis has make these kinds of statements. Defamation is something Travis could find himself in hot water for with these kinds of claims.

But he's not worth anyone's time to begin with, so Cal will just shrug it off and keep getting his guys paid in the NBA.

Also, the biggest upset in the history of mankind clearly is the fact that FOX actually employs Travis. Then again, this is the same network that just shelled out millions of dollars for ...Skip Bayless.

It's clear where their priorities are.