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Jamal Murray NBA Draft video; Talks Nuggets and making it to NBA

Re-watch Jamal Murray as his NBA dreams come true, then read what he had to say about joining the Nuggets.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Jamal Murray will begin what hopes to be a long and productive NBA career with the Denver Nuggets.

Though he didn't go as high as many expected, Murray was happy to land in the Mile High City.

"Denver sounds good," Murray said after being drafted. "I’m just happy to be part of a great organization and part of the NBA now. I’ve spent 19 years waiting for this moment so it’s a great experience."

The NBA posted highlights of the top 14 players to hear their names called on draft night. Here's a look at Murray as his NBA dreams became a reality:

After being drafted, Murray spoke with the media about how Draft Night played out for him as he and his family anxiously awaited his NBA fate.

"You know, what every player waits on, you’re just waiting for your name to get called," Murray said. "You don’t know what’s behind the scenes, you don’t know the trades, you don’t know when the clock runs out what happens. You’re just waiting for Adam Silver to make the announcement. So I was just patiently waiting, and I got picked up by a great team."

The Nuggets were a team Murray felt was interested in him leading up to the draft, but not as much as they let on to.

"I knew they liked me, but I didn’t know they liked me as much as they did," said Murray.

Not long after Murray was picked, he made sure to give UK and John Calipari a nice shoutout for helping make his NBA dreams come true.

"He (Calipari) taught me a lot of 2-guard stuff, coming off screens, the angle to come off of, shot selection, the different reads that are going to be there when you get to the paint," Murray said. "Just a lot. A great college decision, the best school in the NCAA, and the best coach."

As for being in the Mile High City, Murray has never actually been it, but he's not worried about the high altitude that affects some players, whether it's the NFL, NBA or other leagues.

"Never been to Denver other than a connecting flight. But no, I have very good breathing. I know how to control it," Murray said. "I know what to do when I lack air. I think I'll fit perfectly. I'll just get better, even my meditation with that."

Now, Murray is looking forward to rewarding the Nuggets for putting so much faith into him.

"I have ultimate confidence in myself and my abilities," said Murray. "I’m a competitor and I want to get out there and show what I can do. I want to give them all I’ve got."