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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: NBA Draft Edition

NBA Draft fun, football players calling season tick holders, Skal is tougher than you think, and more in a jam-packed Quickies!

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For many, including yours truly, tonight marks the end of the end of the sports year with the NBA Draft. I can't get into baseball like I used to, I don't follow golf, and I have no idea about the 100 soccer leagues that span the globe. Is that narrow sighted? Sure. But I know what I like and what I like is coming to the end.

Some of the air has already been let out of the draft balloon as the 76ers have notified Ben Simmons that they will take him #1 and the Lakers are going to take Brandon Ingram. The drama over who will go number one is officially over but the rest of the draft is anyone's guess.

Trades have already started in the NBA and we are sure to see some of them tonight. It's not a particularly loaded draft so we should see some blockbuster moves by teams that aren't enamored with their prospects.

John Calipari will be on hand as he is every year. This is his 'graduation night'. As you can see from his tweets, he's already pumped about the events.

Enjoy the draft and the twitter fun that will ensue. Follow me @Round_Daddy for great draft insight.

Tweets of the Day

Your Quickies

2016 NBA Draft Preview - A look at NBA Draft night at Kentucky, which has become quite a spectacle thanks to Coach Cal bringing in NBA stars left and right.

Jamal Murray, Skal Labissiere see future success from next Kentucky team - "I’ve seen them all play," Murray said of UK's new freshman class. "I’ve seen their highlights. I think they’ll work well together. I think they have a very strong, balanced team. I know coach will get them to play well together."

You wouldn't call Skal Labissière 'soft' if you knew what he's been through - Skal Labissiere is tired of hearing critics question his toughness. If you know his story, you'll understand why. I think this is pretty insightful of Skal about true toughness. He's been through more in his young life than many of us have in our advanced ages.

Jay Bilas on Skal- He's one of the most difficult prospects to figure it out. But if he ever gets it, watch out.

John Calipari is ready to brag on his players- He's going to be all over ESPN today, most notably he will be debating Stephen A. Smith on the first hour of First Take. Too bad Skip Bayless is no longer with the network, it would have been fun to watch Cal give him the smack down.

ICYMI- Ben Simmons, Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and De'Angelo Russell are in a hilarious commercial for Foot Locker. Russell is a good sport as he pokes fun at his 

cellphone rat controversy with Nick Young.

What did the self-proclaimed Swaggy P think about this?

Kentucky football players doing their parts to convince those season ticket holders to not jump ship:

Five-star basketball recruit could end up at Western Kentucky - Five-star high school prospects from other states flocking to Kentucky to play their college basketball is, of course, nothing new. What would be new is if such a player chose — not UK or Louisville — but Western Kentucky as his college destination. That might just happen.

10 Best Things John Calipari Said On Draft Teleconference - John Calipari held a lengthy preview of Thursday night's draft. Here are the 10 best quotes Cal had to say about this year's crop of Wildcat prospects.

Oldham named Coordinator of Football Replay - The SEC announced on Wednesday that Ben Oldham, who has nearly 40 years of experience in the SEC officiating program, will assume the role of Coordinator of Football Replays.

Former MVP Derrick Rose is headed to The Knicks- The Knicks were awful last season. Hell, they've been awful for a while now. Is Derrick Rose the answer to them getting back on track? I doubt it. While he shows flashes of his former self he is still too injury prone and he isn't as nearly as explosive as he used to be. But the good news is with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis already on the team, this may be enough to make the playoffs in the East.

Jeff Teague to the Pacers in a three-team trade- The Jazz get George Hill and the #12 pick in the draft will go to the Hawks.

Stephen A. Smith is terrible at picking the NBA Finals- For a guy that is paid handsomely to know a lot about basketball, going 0-6 in picking the last six NBA champions is not a good look. But luckily he is so humble, so that makes up for being wrong all of the time. Can you see the sarcasm dripping from your screen?

Chile reaches Copa America Final- The USMNT will face Colombia in the third place match. Hey guys, let's maybe show up this time.

Las Vegas to get an NHL team- Will the NFL and the NBA follow? Both leagues have expressed interest in placing teams in Sin City.

Power Rangers: Bryan Cranston Cast As Zordon- Bryan Cranston, of Breaking Bad and Argo, has been cast in the upcoming Power Rangers movie as Zordon. For those unfamiliar with the ’90s classic TV show, Power Rangers,  one of the main characters is, Zordonan ancient floating bald head that recruits unsuspecting teenagers with cool weapons and even-cooler colored full-body suits.

Steven Spielberg says he'll never direct a Star Wars movie - He may be a big fan of Star Wars, but Steven Spielberg has vowed to never direct a film in the franchise. Spielberg has played a part in the recent and upcoming Star Wars films. He also reportedly turned down the chance to direct 1999’s Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

Justice League Logo and Synopsis Revealed - Warner Bros. and DC Films have let loose their parademons, revealing a ton of information about the Justice League movie. Directed by Zack Snyder, this marks the big screen debut of the Justice League, featuring an all-star lineup: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher.

George Lucas to executive produce Indiana Jones 5- When was the last time George Lucas had his hand in a good movie? I mean, Revenge of the Sith was OK, I guess. This doesn't make me hopeful for Indiana Jones 5.

Is China the home of the oldest and largest pyramid on the planet?- The official position of the Chinese government, "Nothing to see here!"