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Rick Pitino responds to John Calipari remarks

Cats vs Cards: Summer Doldrums Edition.

Thank goodness for John Calipari and Rick Pitino.

Those two always seem to know how to provide us with some summer fun when that's hard to come by at this time of the year in terms of sports. The latest headline-maker came when Cal tossed some shade at Pitino and his Louisville Cardinals program, which is in the midst of a significant recruiting scandal that Pitino allegedly had no knowledge of.

Calipari doesn't sound like he's buying that based on his recent comments.

"All I can tell you is this: If it happens on your campus, and it happens with your assistants and those people, you probably have a pretty good idea of what's going on," Calipari said on if coaches know what's going on during, both good and bad. "If it happens back in their hometown, it happens back with their family or other ways, there's no way you can know. You just don't know.

"So all I would say is most coaches have an idea if it happened on their campus. You might not be the first to know about it, but you eventually hear about it."

Well, Pitino finally got a chance to respond to those remarks on the Terry Meiners show on Monday, as the Courier-Journal notes:

"I don't live in a glass house, and I don't throw stones."

Pitino said ACC coaches have an agreement to not comment on each other's programs unless it's praise, saying the group's philosophy is "keep it to yourself and mind your business." He also said his focus is on Louisville's upcoming season and its tough schedule.

"I don't have time to figure out what he did or didn't mean," Pitino said. "If our paths cross this summer, I'll ask him."

I think T.J. Beisner already let us know what Cal's response will be:

At this point, Cal can pretty much say whatever he wants in this rivalry. He's run a clean program that's topped Pitino eight of nine times. On the other side, Pitino has more sex scandals (2) than wins against UK under Coach Cal.

Then again, it's not as though Calipari directly mentioned Louisville with those comments. How do we know it wasn't a shot at Roy Williams and all the troubles his program is going through?

Nah. This was classic Calipari vs Pitino.