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Spurs eyeing Tyler Ulis in NBA Draft?

Could the Spurs go from Tony Parker to Tyler Ulis running the show?

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When it comes to a draft in any sport, sometimes it's a blessing in disguise to fall down further than you're expected or even deserve to go.

For Tyler Ulis, he deserves to go in the upper half of this year's NBA Draft as he's easily one of the best guards in a class lacking depth there. Ulis is also arguably the No. 1 point guard prospect this year, so one would think he shouldn't wait long to hear his name called.

That is, until reports of a hip injury that may lead to surgery surfaced last weeks. Now, most of the mock drafts have Ulis falling towards the end of Round 1, if not out of the first round altogether.

Blessing in disguise?

That's certainly the case if a team like the San Antonio Spurs land him.

According to CBS Sports' Rothstein, the Spurs have done "extensive research" on Ulis ahead of Thursday's draft.

As Rothstein mentioned, Spurs have the 29th pick in Thursday's draft, and even though that's not as high as Ulis should be picked, I believe the Spurs are the best landing spot for the Wildcats star.

Spurs point guard Tony Parker still has a year or two left under his belt, so they'll want to bring in a young point guard soon to develop and be mentored by Parker before he hands over the reigns. That would allow Ulis to sit and recover from his hip issue, if it's really that bad, while learning from one of the NBA's best floor generals of the past decade.