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Kentucky Wildcat Quickies:Summer Grilling Edition

Russ Yeast, NBA Finals, Rick Stansbury, Kendra Harrison, NBA Draft, and ketchup on your hot dogs is a sin against humanity.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen of the BBN. How's your summer going? Been to some cook-outs? Grilled some meats? Have you been a philistine and put ketchup on your hot dog instead of mustard or relish? It's an axiom that friends don't let friends put ketchup on their hot dogs. Even if it's a young child that doesn't belong to you, do your civic duty, and slap it out of their hands. Their tears will pay dividends one day when they become an adult that won't grow up to embarrass you.

Tweets of the Morning:

UK alumnus Kendra Harrison may medal at the Rio Olympics. Last UK athlete to medal at the Olympics...?

I wonder how a WKU alum such as Mr. Glenn Logan feels about this? Hailing from a town near Bowling Green myself, I'd wager most people still root for both teams when they aren't playing each other. T-shirt choice probably gets decided by whichever piece of clothing is clean that day. Sports are becoming increasingly partisan so it's unsurprising a wedge issue is conjured out of thin air to turn a triviality into Wun Wun-sized proportions.

The fact it's become an earworm puts it in contention.  My 27 year-old'ish friend watched the commercial with me, and asked who was the gray-haired singer. This is the generation you raised, Baby Boomers. I know who to blame.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • ESPN The Magazine predicts UK will finish sixth in the SEC East just in front of Vanderbilt. This surprises me, and I'd be interested in the justification. In my mind, Vandy will have a near-elite defense that alone makes them better than Mizzou, South Carolina, and possibly a more well-rounded UK. UK should have the best offense of these three teams - not saying much - and plays two of the three at home. UK's rush defense probably won't even be S&P+ or FEI average, but none of these teams project to have great rushing attacks except Vandy (averaging 154 yards per game last season - Ralph Webb is dangerous). I don't fear any of the three's passing games versus UK's secondary (which allowed UK to load up the box versus Vandy - held the Commodores to 3.21 yards/rush in Nashville last season).
  • Defensive back commit, and son of a former UK star, Russ Yeast decommitted from Kentucky on Thursday afternoon. It's hard for me to get worked up over a 5'10'' three star legacy when Stoops has recruited especially well at that position despite his other failings. Scion, sure, but let's keep the focus on the big picture. Negative recruiting trends also mean far less seven months from NSD. The outcome of the season was always going to determine whether most of this class stayed together or not. Early commitments were made to be broken (one just happened to Ohio State of all programs). Winning games is the silver bullet to recruiting.
Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football

  • Garnet and Black Attack, SBN's South Carolina site, previews the SEC East and places UK at fourth. I'm glad I'm not the only one skeptical of South Carolina and Missouri having .500 seasons. Then again, I usually like to fade the public...
  • Art Briles is mad at Baylor.
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