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Friday Quickies: UEFA Euro 2016 Kick-off Edition

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Good morning and happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Summer time can be slow for sports fans, but this summer is somewhat unique with two major soccer tournaments linking us to the Rio Olympics: Copa America in the US, and today the UEFA Euro in France begins.

For soccer fans, tomorrow will be Soccer Apocalypse as both tournaments will be ongoing and featuring five games total. The Fighting Teddy Roosevelt's of the USA end the day playing Paraguay at 7pm EST on Fox Sports 1 for a chance to move into the knock-out round (here's a brief preview of that game).

If one needs a sporting event to supplement the NBA Finals, baseball, or you just need a healthy injection of nationalism in your life, you could do worse than these two tournaments.

Tweets of the Morning:

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • New assistant coach in charge of special teams and the inside linebackers had his very own press conference yesterday.
  • It's been reported that Mark Stoops doesn't like satellite camps; however, when you read his comments his concerns mostly seem directed towards the individuals who set up the camps. There's a fine line in between what these individuals facilitate, and what got Oregon football sanctioned. Stoops, in my readings, has not said the camps aren't useful for identifying talent that wouldn't otherwise pay their way to Lexington to see campus (e.g. Florida recruits).
Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football

  • Far-too-early 2016 All-American team. UK opponent Alabama has two members on the defense.
  • 23 of the best rivalries based on the inability to predict their outcomes.
  • College basketball
    Other sports news
    • Via The Ringer, Lebron playing at the 4 made a key difference for the Cavs in Game Three.
    • Kevin Iole writes about Muhammad Ali's journey coming to an end today at his funeral in Louisville.
    • Hockey legend Gordie Howe has also passed away.
    • If you're into sports media news, Awful Announcing thinks Fox Sports "Embrace the Debate" strategy is doomed to fail because it's not doing enough to differentiate itself from ESPN.
    Other news
    • Netflix has studied your watching habits, and how we binge-watch programming.
    • WoW has gotten bad reviews, but one prominent critic liked it.
    • Speaking of video games, I bought Overwatch recently making it my first new video game in years. No regrets as it's the most fun I've had playing online in nearly a decade. If you'd like to crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women, then add me on Xbox Live at "WhiskeyTangoOne".