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Marques Bolden Decision Date Set?

Regardless of what the actual date of Marques Bolden Decision 2016 is, it should come very soon with colleges wrapping up finals and high schools not far behind.

it turns out that Bolden's current school, DeSoto High School, is holding an event called "Decision Day 2016" to allow their senior students be honored based on where they're going to college or if they're attending the military.

(H/T to Todd Spurling for the find)

The registration site for the event also reads "Join us as we honor all Seniors who have committed to attending a college/university, enlisted in the military, or career/certification program. We want to celebrate you for your all your success and decision to further your education."

While there's no word as to whether Bolden will be part of the ceremonies in some shape or form, I would venture to guess he will. This is an event made to honor guys like him among his fellow high school classmates, so I would think he will have either decided by this day, or will announce his decision at the event.

Either way, we’ll have to wait another week and a half to find out what happens at this event, but we should have some closure by then. A few days after the event is when the NBA Draft withdrawal deadline is, so if Marcus Lee's decision is affecting Bolden, that also should be cleared up by then or shortly thereafter.