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Michael Porter Jr. recruitment gets a game-changer as father hired by Washington Huskies

Kentucky, Kansas and Duke are among those recruiting Michael Porter Jr., arguably the best 2017 has to offer, but Washington just made a game-changing move.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats target Michael Porter Jr. is arguably the best prospect in the 2017 class, so of course, colleges like Washington are going to pull out all the stops.

After all, Porter would be a once-in-a-lifetime get for the Huskies. That's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that they are hiring Porter's father, Michael Porter Sr., to be an assistant on their staff.

As if the Huskies weren't already going to be a strong contender for Porter Jr., it just so happens that UW head coach Lorenzo Romar is his godfather. Back in September of 2015, Porter Jr. blogged about his father, who was an assistant at Missouri then, while also mentioning Romar being his godfather and how all of this impacts his recruitment.

Lorenzo Romar at Washington is actually my godfather and he heard about me and Trae and he actually called Trae and offered him on the spot. All of the coaches love the idea.

I’m sure people will want to know if him being my godfather gives Washington an edge, and I’ll definitely say that it helps them. I don’t know if I would’ve looked at Washington as close if he wasn’t there, but I wouldn’t say it gives them a lead.

I mean, I’m not factoring in that my dad is an assistant at Mizzou so I won’t factor in my godfather being a head coach.

He and my dad grew up playing together and we’re all really, really close. We have a relationship away from basketball and he knows I’ll do what’s best for me.

In an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this past February, Porter Jr. again mentioned what kind of impact his family will impact his decision, but was also quick to point out what he likes about Kentucky.

There’s an appeal to each school on my list. Like Kentucky and Duke and Kansas, those are the schools where I feel like I can go and definitely get prepared for the NBA after one or two years. Mizzou, it’s a school where I think I can go and be remembered forever. Washington, I’d have a chance to play under my godfather (Lorenzo Romar). At Oklahoma, I could play with Trae (Young). There’s just something about every school, and that’s what makes it so hard.

As you may recall, Porter Jr. and five-star guard Trae Young, the likeliest point guard for UK in the 2017 class, want to be a package deal in college. UW has offered both, though it's unclear if Young is seriously considering the Huskies.

And while this may make UW the heavy favorite for Porter Jr., let's not forget KU (3), UK (8) and Duke (5) have as many or more national titles than the Huskies have conference tournament championships (3), Elite Eight Berths (3) and Final Four trips (1 in 1953). Heck, UK has more titles than UW has Sweet 16 berths (7).

Maybe all of this is why the Huskies have to get two different relatives for a big-time recruit to commit to them. After all, adding Porter Jr. would give them as many Porter relatives as the number of times they've made it past the first weekend of the Big Dance since 1999 (3).