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Kentucky Basketball: Questions facing Wildcats this offseason

Taking a look at everything concerning Kentucky basketball this offseason.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason in Lexington over the past seven seasons have been as interesting as several teams around the country season. Questions of where will former players be taken in the NBA Draft and who will return/commit to the Cats? This offseason is no different as several questions loom for the Cats.

1. What will the frontcourt look like?

It's no secret that the front court was a major issue for the Cats last season. With Skal for sure entering the draft and Marcus Lee currently keeping his name in the draft, several things could be the answer to this question. The preferred option for most people is for Marques Bolden to commit to the Cats and fill the five spot.

If he doesn't commit to Kentucky then Issac Humphries' improvement over the offseason becomes crucial. Although Kentucky will bring in several talented freshman frontcourt players like Bam Adebayo and SKJ, Humphries and possibly Wynard's improvement could be key to the Cats being complete.

Bam could possibly play the five if needed, however, against certain big men the Cats may need a bigger body. Prediction: Marques Bolden will sign with the Cats.

2. Who will return?

There are two potential returners for the Cats who have put their name in the draft: Marcus Lee and Isaiah Briscoe. If Lee were to return to Lexington it would obviously help with the first question.

However, most people believe that he will forego his senior season in Lexington to give the NBA a shot. Briscoe is more of a question mark. Will he return to join the freshmen phenoms Fox and Monk in a loaded backcourt?

Or will he forego his second season as a Cat for the NBA? Prediction: Lee will remain in the draft and Briscoe will return to Lexington.

3. Will the freshmen live up to the hype?

This question is one in Lexington every season. Bam, Fox, Monk, Gabriel, and Jones will determine much of Kentucky's season obviously. The question is will they click early in the season or have growing pains like the Julius Randle team did and click later in the year?

There's no doubt that this class is supremely talented and will look great at times. Will they be that way early and consistently? Prediction: Some growing pains early but by February the Cats will be one of the best teams in the country.