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John Wall's rough season continues into offseason

"I am determined to lead this team back to the playoffs and getting healthy is the best way for me to accomplish that," said John Wall in a press release.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

A rough 2015-16 NBA season will continue into the offseason for John Wall.

After struggling through a 41-41 year marred by injuries, coach firings and underperforming for the Wizards, Wall just had offseason surgery on both of his knees, the team announced Thursday. The surgery was "to excise calcific deposits in his left patella tendon in order to eliminate pain and assist healing."

The former Kentucky Wildcats star also underwent "an arthroscopic lavage on his right knee in order to remove loose bodies." It's one thing to have one knee surgery, but two in the same offseason is really going to limit Wall in the coming months. The NBA already has one of the smaller breaks between seasons (Wizards' last game was 4/13 and next season will open around 10/28).

The Wizards did say Wall "is expected to be available for the start of the 2016-17 season." But with training camp beginning around September, it's possible Wall is not able to return in time for the start of it.

This also means Wall's chances of playing in the 2016 Rio Olympics are likely over after he was originally named among the 30 finalists for the national team roster. The Rio Games begin on August 5 and ends on August 21.

And it doesn't look like the Wizards will be able to land their top free agent target this offseason in Kevin Durant. The Washington, D.C. native was once thought to pursue a chance to play in his hometown once he hits free agency begins this summer, but it looks like Durant would rather play for someone like the Lakers or a stronger title contender.