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Lonnie Walker gets Kentucky Wildcats offer

After watching Lonnie Walker play on tape, it is evident to see what Coach Cal would really enjoy about this kid.

It has been just under two months since Kentucky Basketball's season ended; we have been talking plenty about Kentucky's newest basketball players coming in for 2016, so leave it to John Calipari to jump a year in advance to get us some headlines.

Lonnie Walker, the #23 player (ESPN) in the 2017 high school recruiting class, has officially received an offer to play for Kentucky.

Lonnie Walker is a 6'5" shooting guard that currently plays for Reading High School in Reading, Pennsylvania; currently ranked as the fourth best two guard in the 2017 recruiting class and the top player in the state of Pennsylvania.

After watching Walker play on tape, it is evident to see what Coach Cal would really enjoy about this kid. Walker is long, quick, and phenomenally athletic. An exceptional slasher from the wing, and has great strength and finishing ability around the rim.

Normally high school players tend to get comfortable scoring and just keep scoring, but certainly not Lonnie Walker. Walker is a fantastic play maker with extravagant vision. Each time the ball touches Walker's hands, he's looking to pass; in order to make a play or to keep the ball movement flowing. Does still have the capability to put the ball on the floor and get straight to the rim. Also has solid form on his jump shot and will hit his fair share of threes when he gets them.

Calipari has made it clear that he wants Walker to come play for Kentucky in 2017; with good reason. Walker is a fun player to watch, and would be a tremendous commit for Kentucky's future. Kentucky joins the group of Florida State, Providence, Miami, Oregon, UCLA, Syracuse, Maryland, Indiana and Notre Dame, Villanova, Penn State and Temple as the early contestants for Lonnie Walker's talents.