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Marcus Lee gets NBA Draft Combine Invite

Going, going, gone?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It looks like Marcus Lee is going to the NBA Draft Combine after all.

After initially getting placed on the alternate list, Lee tweeted out Wednesday that he'll be participating in the combine next week in Chicago.

This isn't a real surprise when you realize that, while many other guys may have been more deserving of invites, there are several guys ranked at the top (Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram) that don't need to workout as they're pretty much getting drafted in the same spot regardless of how they perform.

So with certain players dropping out, Lee was bound to get an invite eventually. It's good he got it now so he has about a week to prepare for it. All signs are that he's leaving for the NBA. Hopefully he does well in all the pre-draft workouts and interviews as he looks to live out his NBA dreams.