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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Basketball Preseason Top 25 Edition

Kentucky basketball takes center stage, Kentucky football's season looks bleak, Skal's stock continues to rise, and more for a jammed packed Saturday Quickies.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

All of the rosters are finalized (for the most part) so the preseason top 25 rankings started coming out fast and furious yesterday. Where does Kentucky rank?

CBS- Kentucky #2

Yahoo!- Kentucky #2

NBC- Kentucky  #2

KenPom- Kentucky #3

While these are way too early and a bit silly at this point, it's the beginning of the summer slog and they are fun to debate.

Duke was #1 across the board.

Tweet of the Day

Haha, Kash has been done for a while. He has been in football mode and doesn't have time for high school nostalgia.

Love or hate LeBron James, it is an amazing accomplishment. But so far only has two rings out of five tries.

Kentucky Football

2016 5 star offensive line recruit Landon Young already has a state title in wrestling and is looking to add two more to his trophy case before his high school career ends. Landon will be competing for the 3A title in discus and shot put today. Young has the reigning discus champ and won the shot put as a sophomore but lost as a junior. Good luck, Landon!

The Sporting News' projection for the football season is not good. Fifth in the SEC, no bowl, no all-conference players, rinse, wash, and repeat. Prove 'em wrong, guys.

Kentucky Basketball

Get your Memorial Day Weekend off to a roar with this bad ass basketball hype video.


Ben Roberts from the LHL takes a look at how the recruiting misses of 2015 fared last season. Hint: not great. Malik Newman has kind of become the poster boy for what happens when an elite talent chooses a non-traditional power over blue bloods. What a weird class.

Chad Ford says that Skal Labissiere could go as high as #7 in the NBA draft.

One of the reasons for Marcus Lee's transfer was that he wanted to stay close to home. One way to do that is by heading to Cal, which seems to be likely at this point. The San Francisco Chronicle confirmed that California is the front-runner for Lee.

With the number one pick and a healthy Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers are looking to trade big men Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor. This comes as no surprise. Hopefully the ex-Wildcat lands at a contender. Okafor can kick rocks.

Karl-Anthony Towns continues to be a great ambassador for the Kentucky basketball program and a champion for John Calipari.

Other Kentucky Athletics

The season is likely over for the Kentucky baseball team. The NCAA seeding will be released next week and as of now Kentucky is on the outside looking in. Another promising season ends in collapse for Gary Henderson. One has to think he needs to be on the hot seat.

In Eugene, Oregon, senior David Snyder is leading the charge for the Wildcats in the NCAA Golf Championships.The 'Cats are tied for 12th on the leaderboard. The top 15 teams will advance to advance to the next round on Monday. Good luck!

The UK track team is also doing some great work en route to Eugene.Six women and two men have thus far qualified for the national championships in Eugene. There qualifying will conclude today so the 'Cats could add more. Congrats to them and coach Floreal for a continued great season.

Other Sports Around the Country

The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated the home team Toronto Raptors on their way to their second straight Finals appearance, sixth in a row for Lebron. They await the winner of the Western Conference Finals between the OKC Thunder and the Golden State Warriors.

OKC does not want to go back to Oakland and face a 3-1 series lead collapse. I think OKC will close it out at home.

Ole Miss has responded to the NCAA notice of allegations by reducing the number of football scholarships by 11 over a span of three years. There was also a financial penalty levied of over $1 million. I doubt this is over.

Louisville sports radio hack jobs are looking to dismiss a lawsuit filed against them for accusing an employee of PR firm RunsSwitch of leaking information about UofL's sordid prostitute scandal to Matt Jones. Jones has vehemently denied that the accused, Scott Jennings, is his mole inside the Louisville athletic department.

Here are some nice gems from hosts Mike Rutherford and John Ramsey:

The Feb. 16 radio discussion about Jennings was prompted by a tweet from someone in the community soliciting opinions regarding "the story about the PR firm leaking info to Bangs (Jones)," according to the response from Ramsey and Rutherford's attorneys.

Rutherford said on air that Jennings is a noted Kentucky fan, that "a lot of people" have seen he follows UK people on Twitter and that he tweeted at Jones on the day of the ban, according to the response.

The tweet, according to a transcript of the show provided in the response, said "cheers" or "something that he has since deleted," Rutherford said. "He's deleted a bunch of tweets so it sounds like …"

"Not too bright," Ramsey responded, according to the transcript.

Ramsey said Jones had information about the time of the press conference and details of the announcement.

Rutherford later added that RunSwitch "deserved to lose business based on this. I do hope that is the case. That is not how you do PR. You should not have a job."

And both hosts called the company "RunSnitch" at one point, according to court records.

Remember, John Ramsey is the same clown that threatened to sue a writer for this blog for slander. For Karma reasons I hope the judge continues with the lawsuit. What a couple of dopes.

Did a microphone cause a punctured lung for Randall Cobb?Aaron Rodgers thinks so.

Random Quickies

Rolling Stone looks at the top 40 sci-fi series. They correctly have the original Star Trek at #1. And my favorite, the X-Files, is sitting pretty as well.

X-Men: Apocalypse opened this weekend and I cannot wait to see it. Here are the actors that have played the various mutants throughout the years.