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Kentucky Basketball called biggest underachiever in college basketball by ESPN

Haters gonna hate.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Basketball is in the midst of one of the greatest periods in program history, but some would call what they've accomplished an underachievement.

If you're a glass-half-full kind of guy or gal, you'll point to UK's four Final Four berths, one national title and an average of 31 wins per season under John Calipari as a sign that this has been arguably the best program in college hoops since 2009.

If you're a glass-half-empty kind of guy like ESPN's Jeff Borzello is, you'll cite the lack of national titles as a reason why UK is the biggest underachiever in college basketball.

Borzello listed the Wildcats as the biggest underachieving program in a list that includes LSU, UNLV, NC State and UCLA.

Kentucky: Two Final Four appearances, a title-game loss and a 38-0 start to a season -- and that’s underachieving? One has to remember, this is all relative to recruiting class rankings. In the past four years, Kentucky has had three No. 2-ranked recruiting classes and the No. 1 class (in 2013). However, the Wildcats missed the NCAA tournament once in that span and then received a No. 8 seed the following year. Injuries have played a factor (Nerlens Noel in 2013), but there’s also been underperforming among the elite recruits. What the last two seasons have shown, though, is that John Calipari is getting more and more accustomed to mixing freshmen and veterans. NCAA tournament absences likely won’t be on the docket moving forward.

Sure, UK probably should have one another national title during Calipari's tenure to this point, but lumping his program with the likes of perennial NIT teams like NC State, LSU and UNLV is a major slap in the face of a program that, again, has arguably been the best in college basketball since 2009.

I would advise against clicking the above link to said ESPN article, because this wreaks of desperation for page views and attention. Hopefully I saved you the click by sharing the debacle in here.

Also, I'm guessing Borzello is either an alumni and/or huge fan of Kansas, because any list on underachieving starts and ends with Bill Self's annual exit from the Big Dance before the Final Four begins.