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Michael Porter Jr. cuts Kentucky Basketball, other elite schools from list

You'll notice how UK, Duke & Kansas are also no longer among Porter's list of schools. They're done playing this game.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats are done pursuing Michael Porter Jr.

The elite 2017 wing just cut his list of schools still in consideration, and to no real surprise, UK is not on the list.

"Top 5 Top 5 Top 5" #Blessed

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This is more of a game at this point than an actual recruitment though, and it was one UK wasn't willing to play any longer. They already were pursuing other 2017 wings before Porter cut the Cats from his list, and their interest has been nonexistent since news of Porter's father taking a job at Washington, effectively ending his recruitment.

Even though Porter wants his recruitment to continue so he can visit other schools, see what other coaches have to offer and just be recruited like every high schooler deserves to be, this is merely a game Porter is playing at this point that UK wants no part of.

John Calipari and his staff are in too good of a position with other elite 2017 prospect to waste their time on someone who they know is already set on another school.

You'll notice how Duke and Kansas are also no longer among Porter's schools in consideration. You think Calipari, Bill Self and Coach K are shying away from a top-five prospect for no reason?

It's because there's no reason to keep pursuing him, even if other schools treat being in the top five for an elite player as a win.

Schools like Indiana, Oklahoma, Virginia and Missouri are willing to keep playing this game, but not the real big boys.