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Kentucky Wildcats Quickies: Softball Sadness Edition

Softball is over, Baseball is still alive, Lee and Briscoe are on the clock, Draymond Green needs to be suspended, and more!

Disappointment ruled the day as Rachel Lawson's Wildcats ended their season with an upset loss to the Utah Utes in their second game of the afternoon.The 'Cats will not advance to the Super Regional and thus, a wonderful regular season has come to an end.

It is a sad departure for Kelsey Nunley, one of the most decorated players in the history of the program. A huge crowd turned out all weekend long to watch Nunley and her teammates battle back from the brink of defeat against Illinois on Saturday and their final two games against Utah on Sunday.

Congrats to the Hittin' Kittens on a successful season and it is a shame we won't get to see this fun team advance any further.

Tweet of the Day


More on this in a bit. Gutless act by Draymond Green.

Kentucky Football

In really weird news, former Wildcat Jacob Tamme was voted the most hated player in the NFL. It ended up being a bit of a joke but it is nice to see Tamme's names in the headlines next to such great player as Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, and Cam Newton.

Kentucky Basketball

Wildcat Blue Nation looks at the ramifications if Marcus Lee decides to stay.Here is my take: Lee and Isaiah Briscoe are trying to find any excuse to not come back. If they really wanted to be back at UK, I think the announcement would have already been made. I don't think either would be drafted in the first or second rounds of the draft and I think they know that. It's a decision based on where they want to be when the season gets rolling this fall. The deadline to decide is May 25th.

Former Wildcats Karl-Anthony Towns and Willie Cauley-Stein have some advice for Lee and Briscoe. Basically, enjoy the process but if there are any second thoughts, stay in school.

Other Kentucky Athletics

The Kentucky baseball team is set to take on Alabama in the opening round of the SEC baseball tournament. The game is tomorrow at 5:30 PM in Hoover, Alabama. The 'Cats helped their chances for the NCAA tournament by beating Missouri twice over the weekend. But they have some work today and an early exit from the SEC tournament may doom the rest of their postseason chances.

A program changing group of senior ladies is leaving the softball team in good hands. It is so disappointing. I think we were all looking forward to a deep run in the postseason.

Sports Around the Country

It would behoove (haha, get it?) the organizers at Belmont to play up the rivalry between Nyquist and Exaggerator as the Triple Crown is no longer a reality. A nice Ali/Frazier theme would do well to drum up interest.

Deflate Gate just WILL NOT GO AWAY!!!In the most ridiculous controversy in the history of the NFL, Tom Brady is now looking for a second hearing to overturn the latest ruling on the Patriots deflating footballs in a playoff game against the Colts over a year ago. This just won't die, folks.

Speaking of controversy, did you all see this last night as the Oklahoma City Thunder completely annihilated the Golden State Warriors?

That low-blow was unquestionably on purpose. Draymond Green was issued a Technical-1 and is waiting on the league's decision on whether or not to suspend him for his gutless act. Green is the NBA's runner-up in technical fouls (only behind Demarcus Cousins) yet he does not receive the same amount of ire as does Boogie. Why? Green has the benefit of being on a great team with likeable players and a likeable couch. But the fact is Draymond is a dick and he would be reviled if he was on the Kings, or the Suns, or the Wizards, or any other team that is either bad or just mediocre.

The NBA already suspended Cavaliers player Danthay Jones for a low-blow in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Will they do the same to Green? Absolutely they should.

Maybe the Thunder really are the best in the West? This is a legit question that needs to be asked. Remember, OKC was adjusting to a new coach all season and Kevin Durant was getting back to form after a season ending injury. The Thunder have two of the league's best players, they have a legit third option in Serj Ibaka, and they have a great bench with quality bigs that include our very own Enes Kanter. People were shocked when they beat the San Antonio Spurs but maybe they should not have been.

Random Quickies

OMG DID YOU SEE GAME OF THRONES???!!!!!We had White Walkers, time traveling, Sansa and Littlefinger showdown, raunchy plays, and the origin of Hodor. And one of the most gut-wrenching scenes of the season. Spoilers.

After I took a half-an-hour to decompress after GoT, I watched the pilot episode of AMC's newest venture Preacher. I was skeptical because Seth Rogen is an executive producer and director, and I'm not a big fan of his work. But I must say I really enjoyed the show. It's weird, it's funny, it's violent, and unlike anything I have seen on TV in a long time. If your stomach and sensibilities can handle it, check it out. It's not for the faint of heart.

Mars is ready for its close-up.

Crikey! It has been confirmed that Nile crocodiles have been found in Florida.