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UK Softball: Day 2 of the Lexington Regional

Yesterday was cut short due to inclement weather, so what will a busy Saturday look like at the Cropp?

Mother Nature is really having her way with Kentucky softball and baseball this season. Just one short inning into an already rescheduled game where the Cats cruised out to a 2-0 lead over Butler, the heavens opened and the balance of the game was pushed into today at 11.

Today's Revised Schedule:

  • 11 AM EDT: Kentucky vs. Butler resumes (Game 2)
  • 1 PM EDT: Utah vs. Winner of Game 2
  • 3:30 PM EDT: Illinois vs. Loser of Game 2
  • 6 PM EDT: Loser of Game 3 vs. Winner of Game 4

At best, Kentucky will play 2 games today. At worst, they'll play 3. Any advantage Utah has today in Game 2 - the overnight rest between their first and second games - vanishes after game 3. From there it's anybody's game.

A quick look at our potential adversaries for today:

Butler: 28-22 overall record, 9-7 in Conference play. The Bulldogs are coming off a major victory at the Big East Championship. where they beat St. John's 10-8 in 8 frames. Butler is hitting .255 on the season and holding their opponents to .276, while Kentucky is hitting .274 and holding their opponents to .187 (good enough for #4 in the country). I don't like to sound cocky but based on what we saw in the first inning yesterday, Kentucky is definitely the superior team...let's hope that continues into today.

Illinois: 35-22 overall record, 12-11 in Conference play. The Illini made it to the Semis in the Big Ten tournament, where they beat Michigan State and lost to Minnesota. Illinois is hitting .304 on the season and holding their opponents to .268. After dropping Game 1 yesterday to Utah, it could be a quick afternoon for the ladies in Blue and Orange if they drop game 3.

Utah: Ah, the lone familiar competitor this weekend! The Utes lost their first matchup with Kentucky this year, waaaay back on February 15th at the Kajikawa Invitational. Utah has the best batting average of the field in Lexington, hitting .305 while holding their opponents to .263. They also rank #3 in the nation for double plays, so the Cats need to be on their toes to make sure that doesn't happen in their house.

None of these weekend's action is televised - booooooo! - but you catch ALL the action via ESPN3/the WatchESPN app.

Until gametime, Cat fans - GO BIG BLUE!!!!