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Devin Booker and Suns fan Jenna Warren will melt your heart

Devin Booker repped the Suns his team at the NBA Draft lottery, but he also represented what being a Wildcat is all about.

Suns guard and former Kentucky Wildcats star Devin Booker represented his team at Tuesday's NBA Draft lottery.

But the real story wasn't how the ping-pong balls fell or how his team has two picks in the first 14 picks of this year's draft. No, the real story was about his friend Jenna Warren, a young Suns fan with Down syndrome.

Her family has season tickets and first met Booker during a pregame warm-up routine last year, and since then, the two have formed the kind of bond that will melt any heart to watch unfold.

Booker decided to bring Jenna and her family to the lottery and tour New York before the festivities, and the Suns chronicled all of it:

Way to go Dev!