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Friday Quickies: Softball Lexington Regional Edition

Links on links on links.

Good morning and happy Friday. Let's get right to it.

Tweet of the Morning:

UK did land five 5 star players despite Marques Bolden deciding to take his talents to Raleigh-Durham. I've been trying to wrap my head around the attention and hype Bolden received in recent weeks. He's not a transcendent prep talent - like Anthony Davis, Shabazz Muhammad, Karl Anthony Towns, or Andrew Wiggins - and most services rank him around 10th for the 2016 Class, and yet the build-up to his commitment reached disproportional heights.

Slow sports month? The best available player announcing? Something else?

Your Quickies:

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Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football
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Other sports news
Other news
  • Mega tsunamis on Mars.
  • (content removed).
  • Bacon! I've recently gotten into curing meats. I just did some quick turnaround lox that was delicious. Next, I'm going to try pig cheek and duck leg. Any expert curers can to share their experiences and advice?
  • People like nature when it's cute and cuddly, but nature rarely is cute and cuddly.