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Randall Cobb set to graduate at UK; Calls it his greatest achievement

This coming Sunday will be graduation day at the University of Kentucky.

Among those getting to walk out and be honored as UK graduates will be Green Bay Packers receiver Randall Cobb. Though Cobb left UK back in 2011, he's continued to take classes and work towards his degree since then. He does technically need a few more classes and won't fully graduate until August, but UK is allowing him to walk this Sunday.

Randall will be the first person from his immediate family to graduate, so it's a very big accomplishment for him. In fact, Cobb went as far as to call it his great accomplishment.

"That day will probably be the biggest one for my family and for me personally," said Cobb. "I think that achievement is going to be bigger than any success I could have on the field, because on that day, I will have set a standard for my family and anyone that comes after me."

For a guy who was a star in the SEC, made it to the NFL and has been a big-time guy for arguably the best NFL franchise, that's quite a statement for Cobb.