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Experts picking Duke for Marques Bolden

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With Marques Bolden making his decision shortly, it's safe to say that the five-star center is expected to pick Duke by most of the national recruiting experts.

KSR's Matt Jones now expects Duke to be the pick:

Kyler Tucker of the Louisville Courier-Journal was able to get some final thoughts from various recruiting analysts on who they think Bolden will pick between the Duke Blue Devils and Kentucky Wildcats. Through varying degrees of confidence, they all are going with Duke:

EVAN DANIELS ( "Gun to my head, I would probably pick Duke."

JERRY MEYER (247Sports): "From what I've been able to gather, I'm expecting Duke. I would be -€” yeah, I'm expecting Duke. (Big laugh) I feel like I've got something special here that I'm pretty confident in, but we'll see. I'm pretty confident. I'll definitely have one less source if I'm wrong. He'll be cut from the list."

ERIC BOSSI ( "I've been joking around about this. Back in mid-April, I did an article kind of predicting where the top undecided players would go, and at that time I predicted Duke. Since then, I've wavered and thought it was Kentucky at times, but if I had to pick now I would go ahead and go with Duke. If he does end up picking them, I'll kind of pretend like I thought he was going there the entire way, even though it looked for a time like it might be Kentucky, and even a few hours before the decision I don't exactly feel confident about that prediction."

At this point, I still don't think anyone other than Bolden and his immediate family know where he's going, so my advice is to go into his announcement expecting nothing, despite the late momentum for Duke.