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Marques Bolden or Marcus Lee for Kentucky?

It's not a bad spot for UK to be in considering the Cats will likely be ranked No. 2 in all the major polls come next season.

USA Today Sports & Getty Images

It's beginning to look like Kentucky Basketball will have at least one of Marques Bolden or Marcus Lee next season.

After a terrible showing at the NBA Combine, it looks like Lee has pumped the brakes on his NBA defection and may seriously be considering a return to UK for his senior season. Though Lee has never been a major impact player, he's been a solid body off the bench who may end up being the best shot-blocker for next year's team, not to mention someone who can sky for some highlight-reel dunks.

As for Bolden, the senior big man appears ready to choose between UK and Duke on Thursday after a long and drawn out recruitment. It's no secret that UK has the momentum going into the decision, but there have been rumbling that Bolden's decision would be affected by what Lee does.

If Lee stays in the NBA Draft, that opens up a lot more playing time for Bolden in the post. As good as he may be, Bolden isn't going to be handed a lot of playing time and/or a starting spot without earning it, which becomes a harder task if Lee is there.

That's not even accounting for the fact that UK is suddenly full on scholarships if Lee decides to return, so then John Calipari would have to figure out a way to make room for Bolden if he still wants to come.

In other words, it's hard to see both Lee and Bolden being at UK next season, so if it comes down to it, who is the best option for the Wildcats?