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John Calipari hints at a Kaboom coming Monday

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever could John Calipari have up his sleeve now?

After being in the local and national headlines this week for his recruiting manifesto/shade throwing, Coach Cal is ready to put out Part 3 of his 'Vision of the Program' series.

But for some reason, Cal is holding onto it until Monday, and he hinted at something explosive coming out of it:

The notion of it being significant news coupled with "vision of the program for the next decade-plus" line, perhaps it's a lifetime contract he's getting ready to sign with Kentucky. After all, he's made it pretty clear this is his final head-coaching gig before he retires, whenever that may be.

As demanding as being the head coach of Kentucky Basketball is, it's not crazy to think Cal is able to make it through one more decade before calling it a career.

Maybe it involves an announcement for Isaiah Briscoe coming back. That's expected to happen, but it's still a 'kaboom' none the less for a team that looks ready to contend for a national title.

Frankly, there's really no telling what the post on Monday will entail. But if the first two parts are any indicator, it's sure to have at least a few 'kabooms' in it.