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Kentucky Wildcat Quickies: John Calipari State of the Union Edition

Coach Cal talks last season, NBA draft, and this season, Bye-bye Bertha, Mark Stoops gets a new coach and so does Matthew Mitchell, more!

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Yesterday afternoon John Calipari held court in front of the media in order to deliver the State of the Union of Kentucky Basketball before he goes on vacation.

Here is the entire transcript of what he said.

And here are my opinions about what he said:

  • John Calipari claims he was not directly throwing shade at Duke and then told the media that, essentially, they put words into his mouth. Love ya coach, but we all knew what you were doing and it's cool. We know you can't admit it.
  • Cal also talked a little bit about the loss to IU in the round of 32. He put the blame on himself for not adjusting. Honestly, I don't put that on Calipari at all. His best shooter had an off night and he had three complete no-shows on the team. No amount of adjusting could have compensated for that and there wasn't another player that he could have put in to change the game. That game was a microcosm for the entire season. But he didn't throw his guys under the bus and that is the sign of a good, caring coach.
  • I fully expect Isaiah Briscoe to return after the comments Cal made. He laid out exactly what Briscoe has to do to become the best player he can be, which is improve his shot. I think he let the cat out of the bag a little bit on that.
  • I think Marcus Lee will stay in the draft and so does Cal.
  • I'm not a fan of player comparisons, but Cal made a few. He compared DeAaron Fox's speed to John Wall's and he said Malik Monk had "Derek Rose stuff" and that he doesn't even know how good he is yet. Derek Rose and John Wall in the backcourt? Sign me up.
  • Calipari says Bam Adebayo is a beast and he wants the student section to dress like Bam-Bam from the Flintstones. I 100% endorse this suggestion.
  • Sacha Killeya-Jones is still growing and he can't wait to get Wenyen Gabriel on the wing. He said that Gabriel has been forced to play multiple positions and he thinks he will flourish if he only has to focus on one. I think Gabriel is kind of an unknown. Yes, he is big, skilled, and athletic, but does anyone really know how good he is?
  • Calipari talked about the returning guys a bit. He said Derek Willis isn't the same person that stepped on campus as a freshman. With his work ethic, his improvement on defense, and his dedication to rebounding, Willis has finally found his role on this team.
  • He said JUCO players generally struggle their first year in D-I and what we saw from Mulder last season will not be what we see from him this season.
  • I think Cal confirmed that Tai Wynyard wasn't ready to play last season and that he, along with Isaac Humprhies, has a great deal of work to do in order to get up to speed. If Marques Bolden opts for Duke over Kentucky, Humphries and Wynyard will play a vital part on the team.

Tweets of the Day:

Look, the skills weren't the problem. It was the lack of toughness and will to rebound. Skal is about as skilled as any player in the draft, but can he do the dirty work in order to become a good NBA player? I'm hoping he can.

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And last, Happy Birthday to our fearless leader Jason Marcum! Thanks for all that you do for all of the readers, writers, and editors on the site. We appreciate all that you do.