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Alex Poythress still healing from ACL tear; Marcus Lee likely staying in NBA Draft

Alex Poythress is still not fully healed and will be held back this offseason, while Marcus Lee still looks like he's staying in the NBA draft.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

John Calipari and Kentucky basketball had a surprise press conference on Wednesday with no clear itinerary for the said meeting.

But as expected, Cal did talk about some of the Kentucky Wildcats taking part in the 2016 NBA Draft process. Regarding junior forward Marcus Lee, Cal confirmed that he expects the big man to keep his name in the draft. Cal did say "I don't think it will be an issue" regarding the scholarship situation if Lee does decide to return next season.

Elsewhere, Senior forward Alex Poythress is also hoping to be drafted, but he's not taking part in the combine. While he was on the list of alternative invites, Calipari revealed that Alex was going to turn down a combine invite and workouts with any team.

The reason is Alex's surgically-repaired ACL is still not completely healed, which has led to that knee not being as strong as the other. That's why Alex won't work out this offseason for teams as he looks to strengthen the knee more and get closer to what he was before the tear.

Frankly, this makes how Alex's career even harder to stomach since he didn't get to reach his full potential during his final year of college.