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WATCH John Calipari Presser Live Here

Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Whatever could John Calipari have up his sleeve today?

Anytime the Kentucky basketball head coach has a press conference, there's usually something significant to discuss, not to mention he'll usually share an interesting tidbit or two. That probably will happen today at his press conference that was just set up on Tuesday.

Given the short time frame between the announcement and the actual presser happening less than 24 hours later suggests it may involve something that developed just this week. Perhaps it's regarding Cal's most recent recruiting manifesto, which has made a lot of national headlines for how it appears to knock schools like Duke.

Maybe Cal will offer an update on the status of Marcus Lee and/or Isaiah Briscoe, though it's unlikely either will be anything concrete as those two continue working out for NBA teams. Lee is also getting ready to take part in the NBA Combine starting today, so maybe Cal offers more insight into Lee's thinking and likelihood of making an NBA team.

Whatever Cal talks about today, you can watch it live here at 2 p.m. ET thanks to the fine folks at Kentucky Wildcats TV: