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New Sacha Killeya-Jones highlights show immense potential; Talks about coming to UK

Check out Killeya-Jones' newest highlights, as well as his interview with WKYT about coming to UK.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of who, if anyone that Kentucky is able to land in the spring signing period, they've already locked up a monster class for 2016.

While all the focus now is on the recruitment of Marques Bolden to put a cherry on top of this class, it's already loaded with not only five-star talent, but some immensely talented big men as well. That's part of why UK signee Sacha Killeya-Jones has gone under the radar to this point, despite being ranked as the 14th-best prospect by 247 Sports for 2016.

Evan Daniels of talked with WKYT about the rise of SKJ and what makes him such a special prospect.

"He's a guy that's not as heralded as some of these guys," Daniels said. "I think part of it is his body, which hasn't always been physically ready to battle with some of these players. I do think it's starting to fill out and it's going to continue to fill out.

"I like his skill set and his mobility. He can drop in a hook shot. He can make a face-up jump shot. I think the next step is adding to his strength and continuing to polish his game."

Killeya-Jones is excited about coming to UK and having to fight and compete for anything with so many other talented players on the roster next year.

"Cal has just been telling us to come in and work for everything," Killeya-Jones said. "So it's all the same thing. You'll come in and fight for every inch. Nothing is given to anybody and I really like that about it.

"In practice it's going to be great. If everybody came back, then we’d have a stacked team. I’m just looking forward to playing against them and playing with them."

You can see why SKJ is a unique player with his new highlight-reel from Make Playz:

He may be a big man, but SKJ can really handle the ball and shot from the perimeter like few bigs in college hoops. Next year's squad is going to be really fun to watch.